War 15th (16th) December 2017 Start Times

The third event to incorporate the gold nuggets as event rank rewards.

Rank rewards:

1: 12000 gold nuggets, 12000 5-Star recruit tokens
2: 11000 gold nuggets, 11000 5-Star recruit tokens
3: 10000 gold nuggets, 10000 5-Star recruit tokens
4: 8000 gold nuggets, 8000 5-Star recruit tokens
5: 7000 gold nuggets, 7000 5-Star recruit tokens
6 - 10: 6000 gold nuggets, 6000 5-Star recruit tokens
11- 20: 4000 gold nuggets, 4000 5-Star recruit tokens
21 - 30: 2000 gold nuggets, 2000 5-Star recruit tokens
31 - 40: 1000 gold nuggets, 1000 5-Star recruit tokens
41- 50: 450 gold nuggets, 450 5-Star recruit tokens

If your timezone is missing from this list, you can click on the following link to show the start time in your local time: View in your local time. Attention: You will be visiting an external site and you will be navigating away from this page!

Disclaimer: Prizes and start times are subject to change.

Edit: Removed some pictures.


8.30am rip :confused:

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Didn’t know you were an Aussie @mobbie. I’m from NSW myself :slight_smile:

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adelaide be hours to get in to que with how fast my group ques.

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Hahhha, my factions the same. Some are in NZ, so they’re 2 hours ahead of me as it is. But that’s okay, I’ll get in eventually hahha

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Perth boy here :slight_smile:


Queenslander here! :grin:


Wish they would push it back a hr or 2 the rewards for the faction raid won’t be out until after it starts making kicking any inactive players and adding replacements impossible. At least the prizes are decent though.

Just an idea for the timezone, account asks where you live and you add an auto converter to the site, instead of that ugly picture containing a few places + a link to a different site.

Also, quick question. Why do we need images taken from a hack site in the official TWD RTS forum? This gives you such a bad image… keep promoting hack sites!!!

The site isn’t only for hackers. It is the only way to really know what events are coming and what the prizes will be in advance to coordinate a strategy before hand with your faction. I wish scopely would do everything vk does minus of course selling stuff illegally to cheaters but until they do vk is the only place to see prizes and events early.

I agree. However, that site is dedicated to cheaters. Even if people with no cheating intentions check it. You do, I do. And yes, that’s our only reliable source of information (sadly) and I do appreciate it being posted here.
Scopely should be doing this themselves to stop promoting that site nonetheless. (a picture to a hacking site in the official forum?)

Valid point.

Thank you all for the awesome response! It warms my heart to see that so many of you appreciate the things I do. :slight_smile:

@arachnidan Good suggestions in regards to the timezone converter on the site, unfortunately, these might be better going into the Site Feedback section since I am in no way in any position to implement any new features to the forums. As for the timezones picture, it’s only something I’ve recently started sharing here on the forums after getting months of positive response from the people in the line groups that I am in. Most of them like having a compilation of the most common timezones of players in their factions as it makes for very easy viewing and coordinating with the rest of their factions, so I thought I’d share it with all of you here to help you out in any way I can.

The images are taken from a, first and foremost, community group and are the only images that I have access to; if I had other pictures, I would use them. :frowning: The intention was quite the opposite of promoting any avenues to cheat to be honest. My reasoning was that since they were already out, I might as well use them and if I can help divert some traffic from that site to here, then even better!

For the sake of the optics, I have chosen to take down the pictures, just so that there can be no confusion of my intentions in any way. Thanks again for your feedback!

Yours Sincerely,

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I definitely don’t think you are in any way trying to promote the site. The thing is that it does anyways. Maybe by now that site is more frequented than this forum anyways lol they have constantly been more informative than Scopely.

I really hope Scopes would do their job. That site having info before Scopes is unacceptable. But realistically, I hope you keep up your amazing job!

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Maybe you can use these? And no, my paint skills are awesome, stop asking.


Master of pS

I could’ve tried but meh :stuck_out_tongue:


Event has passed, closing this thread. :slight_smile: