War 10.27.17 Prizes Poll


I just want everyone’s simple vote on these war prizes for this weekends war. Feel free to discuss/express yourself in the comments.
Those of you who are happy, is it because you’re not in a top 3 faction and are used to getting 5* tokens or is it because you’re trolling?
I genuinely want to know your reasoning.

  • I’m happy with the rewards this weekend. I don’t mind having a luck based 5* prize.
  • I’m deathly frustrated with the prizes and a 5* as a war prize in general should not be acceptable.

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By the way, I mean a 5* as a top war prize should never be acceptable.


Tbh, im not glad in tokens. But they are alot better then Spencer, atleast then RNG give you something cool. Alltho 5*s are worthless for top factions


That depends. I’d say that I’d rather have a guaranteed (although subpar) Spencer over having a chance at getting a Vernon or oberson.

RNG is usually not in my favor and playing all weekend for an oberson is not my kind of fun.
Ideally, they would give us an already ascended 6* for 1st place, with 2nd and 3rd getting ascendable 5*s.


My faction is going for top 10 anyways so we always get 5* tokens ^^ I still want Shiva!


Goodluck getting Shiva this was 8 pulls on the new wheel.


HAWT GARBAGE :drooling_face:


Spencer was going to be ascendable.


You must not be in a top faction if you’re saying that, honestly. I think since the 6* came out 1-3 have been much closer in equality than ever before. There needs to be a way that the top faction is properly rewarded for coming out on top.


Don’t want to be that guy but…at least you got a 6* out of it.


That’s fine. I have uses for the others :slight_smile: A lot of my 5* pulls have been the other 5*s that are still in the wheel, so at least duplicatino reduction will help with that.


Where does it say that anywhere? kalishane herself said that it was a non ascendable 5* at the beginning of the week.


We make the same thread topics, keeping doing polls etc and they still don’t listen or care. Forum is almost pointless at this point.



More trash. Thanks Scopes. :-1::-1:




To be honest, I’d rather five star tokens than a toon that I’m not excited about. While I don’t know what Spencer would be like as a 6, the five was not impressive. But I still dislike these rewards as the token amount should be much higher.

Five stars are basically becoming fodder faster and faster. The vast majority of the toons in the five star token wheel are not ascendable. Some, while good toons, will soon become equivalent of maxed fours being saved for the memory. Make the token prize exciting so we want to actually war. Otherwise, when I’m down to my last can and none are dropping, I will have to wait for natural energy to hit the opponent again for slooooooow wars. Fun times for everyone.

I understand the problem and why you had to pull main prize. I just feel you missed a chance to really surprise and make the player base happy with a replacement prize of greater value for this occurring.


I think she is meaning they would show up as 6* regardless of them being 5*. (This screenshot was taken whenever she first posted that a few days ago just so there’s no confusion about the 33m ago.)


I’d agree with you to the point that I’d prefer 5* tokens over Spencer. Then we realize that they have loaded the new wheel with complete and utter garbage that you’ll likely pull over the few decent toons in there anyway.
On the other hand, i wouldn’t mind the tokens AT ALL if they made it more like 50k tokens not 17.5k that doesn’t even grant you 2 pulls.


As someone who got a second red alert glenn, well said. Well said.


Well to be honest I prefer actual toons for 1-3 as opposed to luck based tokens as lately I have pulled garbage. But I don’t mind that the top prize is a 5*/ ascendable or not just as long as it is worthy as a top prize…