Wanting a bigger sample size on plat mods

Been pushing for SR tokens as often as possible and have ended up with 3 decent plat mods, 1 average and 6 useless plat mods. All 6 useless ones being bottom left. 5 of my last 6 being useless. 8 out of 10 being bottom left.
Anyone else finding that they are getting a ton of bottom left? I saw a couple of threads previously saying the same, but you obviously wouldn’t create a thread if you were getting an expected range of mods.

So what’s everyone else’s plat mod experience?

8 plat mods 4 crit useless, 3 less powerful than my gold equivalent, and one on a par with gold, so fking useless so far for me


Aye, the Graze I counted as decent is the same level as a gold I have too.

Mine was a Daze but then they brought out mercer so had to swap that out for a stun :pensive:

2 mods fo me one good one another ok ish.

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Would love a Daze for Raven, but if that’s your only decent one that’s a harsh plat run

Platin Mods sind Fake, viel zu teuer und keinen Mehrwert. Habe bessere Gold Mods der gleichen Art.
Deshalb werde ich auch keine mehr für 400k holen. Droprate was brauchbares zu bekommen ist Crap. Gibt soviele Sachen die mich aufregen, somit eins weniger.

4 plat mods and 5 crit sets from them

But if we want to be serious it was 2 Crit set HP and crit bleed. First was best which was a def set AP down. My experience has left me scarred and buying sleeping bags instead


13 plat mods.
5 crappy crits set.
4 good/ok attack set.
2 good def set.
1 crappy def set.
1 crappy health set.

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If I add platinum mods to gold, does it add to a set or do they have to be all platinum?

You can have a mix of plat, gold silver whatever

You get a higher bonus for each mod that’s plat instead of gold

Dunno if I’ve got one I’m actually happy about. 99% crap. Why I’m waiting for sales

I’ve been going for the toons first, grabbing plat mods when I had plenty markers on sale.

Def set, Def against Blue (43%)
HP set, Def against Blue (41.5%)
HP set, Taunt resist (55%)
Atk set, Slow resist (77%)
Atk set, Atk when Slowed (not leveled yet).

Overall, I’d expect plat mods to be lower in quality - they added a lot of new types, many which have limited usefulness right now (not necessarily forever - Maim resist used to be a terrible pull, but a good number of people switched to them during the height of the Zach meta).

Look at how many gold it took to get good ones. Why do you think you going to get good plat ones in a 10 pull?

Have 11 plat mods 7 are good, 1 ok, and 3 shitty ones. Which is pretty lucky I think.

Very rarely see gold mods nowadays to

6 platinum mods all crit, all useless, i am not happy about it.

Plat mods are :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:


Only crap for me