Wanted scopley?

this game is over. Scopely has not shown up in any way for a 3 week, unthinkable collections useful only to fill their wallet and to help those who have money to throw. This company has no respect for those who cannot afford to throw money. The gap is growing between free players and shopponi. game over

Free Angel negates your post entirely. Thanks for playing


The gap you’re talking about has been going on since years. Actually since the launch of the game. So, it’s no news. I haven’t spent anything since the start of the 6* toons and then I only did spend for 0,99€ offers which means less than 50€ in total. Been playing in a top faction back then. I am happy that I do not spend real money. I don’t have to beat any hardcore addicts in the game to make progress, don’t have to level up nor ascend toons on daily basis. People are free to leave when they don’t like the game. If they cannot and still feel uncomfortable while playing every day anew then they need professional help.

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angel would be the solution to all the wrong in your opinion? that’s why scopely continues to do what it does for people like you who are satisfied for nothing

I think anyone who spends money on this game has a problem . 50 or 1000 $ o 10000

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One Angel doesn’t make a summer

Uh, it was Christmas? A lot of people don’t work for about 2 weeks over that period. Why do you think scopely would be any different?

Come back in a month’s time if it’s still the same.


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