Want to buy war tokens but none on sale

I need 1 war token to finish the stash but no offers to buy any only 1 crate has them & it is 1% chance to get 10 tokens :confused:

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Tough shit man.It happens

Who pooped in your corn flakes buddy?

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Don’t be cheeky buddy, You have to pay your dues in this game and if your one short then that could well be tough shit for you. You must apply yourself more for the next stash buddy. And cut out the cheek or you could be looking at a temporary ban from here.

I was just saying

Lmao puns we all love puns

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I need 4 same boat please put them on sale Scopely

Keep checking offers. There was one hidden last night. $3 for 1 token it had something else with it, but the way it was named I would have never thought it would have a token in there.

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Up right now.

Thanks but I already bought that one yesterday & considering their is 4 stash’s their should be more ways to buy them :confused:

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Yes me too also bought the coin bags 20 bags no war tokens waste of coins should get at least 1 pull of tokens but not there :frowning:

By buying these offers you are telling scopely we approve of these crock of rewards… It is working just as they intended.


People buyin rewards and we talk about “earning” shit , great thinking


I’m hoping in 7 hours the featured bag with bs odds in the store is replaced with something more reasonable.

They’ll probably change it to 0.00% chance though like the Diego stash.

That was a visual bug

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I’m aware.



Another example of how some players contribute to the shitty rewards problem we have currently.


You will get a dupe for completing anyway…
Maybe I’m just bitter as all I ever pull now is dupes/

Events, pulls, etc…
A box with 10 toons and one is a dupe…I’d get the dupe.

There is a offer for 7.99 you get 4 war tokens, I need 18-20, so paying 40 bucks for getting a not-so-good characters is a waste. I won’t spend on this stash…