Wanna Smash? #1 Faction in 1A

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Ugh I have a dirty mind


Hmmmm what were you thinking? :rofl:

I might get banned if I say lol

Yh a faction that make u work twice what scopely make u do lol

Ever heard of don’t say anything if you don’t have anything to say that’s nice? :stuck_out_tongue:


No clue what you’re saying here

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That’s quite common tbf :rofl:


Hahaha :joy:

Well I had something to say and I said it lol

What happened to crazy or insane asylum?



U know, u only got 1 bc scorched and vv wasn’t there u normally get 4 to 5, so that one shouldn’t be counted and all skilled members knows that if u say otherwise show other war screenshots

Btw forgot to say - congratulations for finishing 1st in a 1A CRW @EvilKitty. That is a fantastic achievement. As the famous saying goes - “you’re only as good as your last match, everything else is history”… so that makes you the best in your CRW.


thats like saying tyson fury is only the heavy weight champ cos mike tyson retired.

They won their group credit where credit is due. Bio and Pistols are not exactly wave 3 factions are they


They’re not, they’re only showing this one to lure people to think it’s a high end faction, people who r particularly not engaged much, u wouldn’t want to be in this faction however, their leader act like a dictator and the overall faction is hyper toxic been to thousands of factions never seen a faction as toxic as this one, the region they’re in is hyper toxic aswell and ridiculously competitive to the point that u need 7m just to place 10 in level up, 10k for top 10 raids, territories r awful everyone keep dropping territories to walkers and stack its all a mess and this faction particularly expect u to be super active to the point u only need to sleep 4 hrs if you’re been innactive for more than 4 hrs per day u will be considered innactive and make u look like u r just taking advantage of others activity and, just look at them they’re all so unhealthy

Cant comment on the make up of the faction as im not in it and i dont know the leader.

7m for top 10 in a region with a few good factions in is fairly normal though, same for raids.

Terrs you can stack if you like its not a written rule that everyone has to put 2* or easy teams in them, puting correct teams etc in is how the game is supposed to be played, putting poor teams in is at player descretion. Hell i was in a region just where when ever it was faction level up a faction would drop and retake the level up terrs for the whole duration

4 hours sleep ?? i expect you to have that a week lol

Yeah right, that explain why u ran away from that region :wink:

erm you must be confused i havent ran away from any region lol

Nah I’m not confused at all, u was in Whitfield, you were dead basterds leader then ur faction disbended and never came back again and you’re now in another region