Wangfa vk leaks

He has a roadmap.

Level up rewards… Same as always 60k 5* and 2k choco cakes.

(Pics will be uploaded)

(The 6 gear is weirdly doubled)
15 and 5 canteens or gps.
Idk the double T2 gear.
(In class rn and stay after)

Oh sweet wonder what he will be, his name means Law in Chinese

Sorry but I took one look at him and he looks like the Korean leader kim jong un


Wish people would stop posting the pics like that those are difficult to see, cant zoom in or anything lol

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Click on it and use ur 2 fingers heheheheh

Also dont want wang fa so i will be saving my coins, i dont want these weird lead skills, where is our melee attack lead scopely!

You did ask @How2Zombies

Yea and the i remembered i dont want him lol another 2 weeks saving up tho so thats cool

Same lmao

Sweet, hope u get a toon u want


He looks op too bad the game is so god awfully boring and our cams give us little to no info on anything coming up whatsoever . No point is spend1ng

Only doing a 100 pull on s class so that way i know i will get them for sure

Yeah 4 real

We have to be getting so very close to a new character with a brand new skill that doubles and reflects all bleed damage back on the original team

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Did you screenshot my screen shot lol

:frowning: erm … Er… yesssss…

It’s the forums not the pictures. Left click on it to open it in the forum image viewer, then right click and select ‘open image in a new tab’ and you’ll see the original image and can actually read them.

Sounds too close to saying wanker… like calling your mate it after few too many.

I’ll stick to puling myself over pulling for him