Wangfa card rewards

Does anyone know if they are going to be using the wangfa cards for rewards at any point or are we going to have to buy them to make him S class?

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Think they will eventually push the cards out few week after the next s class is released seems to be the pattern

Yup thats hw they usually do it
Though i havent seen any red velvet cake collection for wangfa which usually takes place along with the release of all new promos

There’s still Aarav and Guo rewards before Wangfa. So, I guess it will most likely he around February or March when we’ll be able to win Wangfa collectibles through tournaments.

Through velvet cakes will be around next Thursday when the next S Class character gets released.

And Raulito who seems to have been skipped

Usually they start appearing after 2-4 weeks in event rewards and in choice boxes. Tournament rewards could take months.

Yeah, totally forgot about him… lol
I believe that it’s on purpose since he fits the current META.

There’s only so many spots inside those choice crates so they’ll probably have to start removing some to add more.

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As long as they are not starting to reward choice box choice boxes 3hhuxt

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