Wanderers input on state of the game


I’m not going to speak poorly of Scopely. It’s been years of grinding and disappointment, but for once I can say there’s a glimmer of optimism on the horizon. And there’s an opportunity for Scopely to seize it and translate it to a better gaming experience.

(note still not happy about selective offers… But will shelve that to dive in a bit on what we’ve seen since transfers)

  1. Addition of transfers and leagues

Fantastic additions but I think there are some issues in the current state of the game. Current game mode seems to be flee strong factions and collect easier rewards I get it, it is not fun getting smashed for crap rewards, but it’s also not fun watching regions drained dry because of this fleeing which will be non stop because generally the player base wants to war. And since activity drives so much of a player’s & factions ability to score well in leagues, its worthwhile to address early to help make leagues a smashing success and just not another passive feature.

Possible solutions
1a. Open competitive regions. That right, but how to entice factiins??? Simple, these competitive regions have an improved war structure. Top of top increased, mid range, equivalent or increased compared to today. What I’m saying is top 3, improved over other regions. Top 6 equivalent to other regions #1. Top 10, equivalent to other regions #3. Top 25, equivalent to normal regions top 6. We are talking about slugging it out for awesome placement rewards that don’t feel like your getting complete trash.

This could be coupled with a slight modifier to league scoring to further entice duking it out for personal and faction gains.

1b. Start closing regions with lowest activity. Make them transfer out only. Herd the player base together. Downside would be player frustration. This does need to be done at some point, but likely very gradually to prevent mass forum rage.

  1. Split wars

I’m indifferent here. The one thing I will say is that I do not want to see only split wars. I prefer the long wars, but I also like when things are mixed up. So why not default to long war format and occasionally throw in a short war weekend once a quarter. It’s about dynamic experience and right now I feel like the hardcore players are losing.

  1. 6v6 vs 8v8 war weekend… Arg

Possible solution
If you are trying to cater to low activity factions then do this by region and let it be known which regions are 6v6 design and which at 8v8. Players and factions could then choose the format they want and transfer accordingly. Give players the tools necessary to war the way they like. We know there is no winning, but come on.

In closing

For once, I’ve seen huge progress, and ones that were long needed. I know many of the legacy players see these changes in a positive light. Build on it and give players the tools, but also encourage players to compete rather than the current flee model. Transfers gives Scopely the tools to customize the players experience to their desired play style.

Let’s move from the flat model to a dynamic gaming experience catered to the players and limited only by that players competitiveness.

Like response give it your own tweak. What do my fellow gamers think.

Maybe regions should be either 6v6 or 8v8

Leagues is a nice addition, especially with the exclusive characters and ascendable available. War was alright, nothing terrible in my opinion.


Can’t say what I want to about the state of this “game” otherwise this post would vanish.


I agree with everything @Wanderer suggested, except for forcing regions to close. The war rewards incentive will get players fighting. For folks who want to stay in a quiet spot, they should have that choice too.

Otherwise, spot on!!


What is it matt Hardy (wwe) keeps saying ???


Making them transfer out only allows the quiet place to stay quiet. Part of issue right now is how diffuse the players are created by having a million options.

But that being said, competitive regions make the need to close a non issue and would be for those seeking competition and best of best rewards.

Region closings will eventually happen as player attrition is a natural occurrence with time. But would feasibly be a much slower rate and only as a region had hit the critically low player cou t level.


One nice solution I’ve heard for the 6v6 vs 8v8 war issue is to just allow low activity factions to draft players to fill up their team. When it takes over an hour to get a team together, most of them are going to be inactive anyways. This allows them get back into war faster. And also as a bonus, more factions in war leads to better matchmaking.


Definitely agree with the whole post, but I want to highlight leagues. Leagues is really, really good. It bandages the current boredom that raids and basically everything in the current state if the game. Without it i’d honestly keep dropping activity till I start to question why I even play for my faction mates. Keep looking into more solutions. Kudos for leagues.


AGREED. However players and factions can be penalized for lack of activity which can be outside their control especially as the flee mentality appears to be strong.

Even regions I would have guessed would be robust have emptied out.

OH and let’s add.

Clear means to transfer a faction and maintain progress. I’m a bit confused how this will be handled if at all. But if everyone’s running from eachother…


I wish they would acctually read this though


What I don’t understand about leagues is why make the multiplier? Like P2P and top factions don’t have enough advantages? Now they have to get a potential bigger multiplier? Top factions get 8 hits per watch most occasions. Loser factions against higher factions are lucky to get four. When you factor in the multiplier, it’s too much of an advantage.

Oh and I’m in a top faction and not f2p. I just believe in fairness where fairness can be had.


close regions? no.

merge them instead.

merge similarly aged regions to keep players levels and team grades in balance.

No one is forced to leave or make tough choices, players per region is increased, giving more activity and competitive factions per region, more raid selection, and new faces in general to keep things fresh.

Offer a new merge bonus free/cheap offer like gold, small set of gear, trainers, and cans etc. Also offer increased/better rewards for a temporary time in new merged regions. This will stimulate event participation and keep general interest going for the newly merged regions.

Just consider it, top factions of each merged region will have new competition as well this way, making wars less 1 sided, which is what everyone is really interested in anyway (wars).


This I agree with. Close merge transfer out. Whatever just reduce the number of available locations to consolidate the player base.

Considering all new regions once had 5000-10000 players, merge 2 250 person regions shouldn’t be much change at all. Just need to code automatic transfer upon game entry so it utilizes the transfer function. Multiple accounts in the 2 merged regions is still an issue that would need to be addressed to allow player selection of primary.


with the way transfers are currently organized merging would be chaos. if two regions merge and you have an account in each region do the accounts get merged too? then people would not transfer and just wait for mergers


Honestly don’t really care how it would be handled.

Send in game message x will overwrite y. Recommend they transfer from this region if they wish to keep that account.

My issue is the broader dilution and scramble for rewards.


Feedback is heard. Please continue to share your view.

Likes, dislikes, etc


Honestly leagues remind me of Clash Of Clans


Of a completely different game with completely different game mechanics and design…

… Right… Not exactly input… More or less just a tangential statement.


Yes that’s was my intentions


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