Wanderer Nerf, etc


Hey, I`ve heard about all of these nerfs but I can’t remember exactly what they were, could yall inform me of these?


Wanderer originally applied def and attack buff to all green and red. But they couldn’t figure out how to get it to work against Gaurdian shields so they changed the description to match the bug. Called it fixed.


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That is true

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How did they change it?


The way Wanderer worked when he first got his 6*, was to debuff all alert and strong characters from the opposing team. Then came the whole big with the Guardian shield, where he would still apply the debuff through the shield (it wasn’t suppose to happen since the debuff was lined to damage. And Giardian shield nullify all status changes linked to damage.).

Instead of trying to fix it, they went and nerfed him with no prior notice. They only addressed it when they were called out here on the forums.

The other “nerf” was with blue Michonne who was dealing way too many damage with her rush. Scopely capitalized on that bug as sue was fixed during her second promo. Approximately in the middle of the promo, right after everyone acquired their first or the one’s pleased with her performance decided to acquire a second one.

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I did not know this about wanderer…smh

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And now we have characters that can cause 1500 maim dmg even if you have guardian shield on


Strictly speaking, I believe he was applying the debuff to shielded alert/strong characters who didn’t take damage (and all non-shielded alert/strong characters), but not to shielded alert/strong characters who took damage. But as you say, a nerf was easier than a fix


There have been other nerfs.

SR Jesus was released with a “Revive all” rush, which was nerfed post-release but before anyone was able to actually obtain him.

I think AOW Jesus rush was pushed up to 106AP although I think this was between his card being leaked and actual release.

Wasn’t Clementine nerfed as well, hence the whole Clemenwhine debacle?


Disarm Michonne’s AR damage took a huge nerf when they changed it from beta testing to actual game but left the damage in for quite some time before the nerf.

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so next… zachy?

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I thought Wanderer originally hit all, then they changed it to only 3


Probably not, many are for it and many against it. He is working as intended but they may not have realized what he was capable of. Or maybe they did and they wanted to sell 3 of him to every whale


Yes all red and green


Originally hit 3 but debuffed all strong and alert toons including those not hit


Wanderer originally hit only 3 but the debuff was to be applied to all strong and alert. However Gaurdian shields was blocking the debuff on toons not taking the damage. Instead of fixing that they linked the debuff to damage in the description of his AR and called it fixed. Promo at the time was Alert Harlan that no one wanted to buy with a FTP alert killer out. So no fix change description ruined what was a great FTP toon.


The AOW Jesus came out before they released the AP cost revealed. Many people pull for him only to find later that he was 106 AR. After that they had a war in Beta where he was the top prize but he was 45 AR.

Some live regions experienced him with 45 AR. During a promo Scopely fixed him back to 106 AR or something like that. I remember being a nig thing back then. Little did we know Scopely was going to pull that shenanigans again with Blue Desarm Michonne.


That sums their thought process. They could care less about the balance of the game. They just want the money. They want to suck every last penny before everyone wise up and stops spending.


Yup I remembered that and actually spent trying to get him which I did, then they changed him. I wanna say they also changed his ar to dont renember

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