Wanderer, Mercenary for Hire

Dear Community,

It is highly likely you know of me from these forums. With the recent completion of Notorious Chapter 1, I am in search of new experiences and not only those of players I know. If you have fun/engaging/challenging experiences ahead of you in TWD:RTS let me know. I may want to help.

What Can I offer,

  1. Premier line up
    (if it wasn’t obvious, I am not ftp)
  2. Enjoy an uphill battle
    (love the challenge win or lose)
  3. Loyal to those committed to the cause
    (team focused)

What I Do Not Want

  1. An easy win
    (collecting rewards = boring)
  2. Sitting in queue
    (activity = required)
  3. Poor team work
    (carrying due to lack of effort = the worst)

If you and your faction have a fun battle ahead of you, if you want to try to top another faction or factions, and if you you might be interesting in the assistance of a Wanderer, let me know. I have a key available, and would be happy to use it to potentially support your cause.

Be aware that as a Wanderer, I wish to have many new and exciting experiences. As such, you will know in advance of any departure ahead as to allow you to adequately plan. But while I am there, I am certain you will find me an asset.



One of the only people in the game that likes competition more than rewards. I salute you.


He is an absolute gem


Your gonna… Make me blush.

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You on line?

You can direct message me through the forums. If the initial courting goes well then perhaps we will take it behind the curtains (ie line chat)


Done. Do u have myspace? We work alot through there also.


MySpace :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Think they want your noodz wanderer :kissing_heart:


I better Google this. I was certain it was mostly dead or for ‘aspiring musicians’.

Maybe it’s for writing the Ballads of glory together.

Notorious members are mercs for hire now? About the only left to do in the game for ya i guess lol gonna be so many calling on you to be their knight in shining armor tho and come help take down the big bad number one fac that bullies everyone lol maybe the wanderer might wander into your region! Dun dun dun! :scream:

Just me. Nearly all Notorious members are still active. Just off doing their own thing.

Wouldn’t call myself a white knight. More of a club with which to swat with.

I think you should take up doing videos of reviews of characters and tactics. Clearly you are an expert and I’d value your opinions on such things. In fact, I’ve been contemplating using Carley as a defense lead just to mix things up and even though most people think she’s terrible I suspected she has some potential and your previous posts on her make me think of doing it.


Or lucille :rofl: the wandering bat

Rainbow and can get those nasty 85 ap popping earlier. Not to mention holding an AP knife and possibilities with mixing with 20% Ap rifles. In the right hand can be a very interesting toons.

Videos take alot of time and effort. I like helping others when asked. Leaves the burden of telling the story to others.


That’s fair. Videos do take a lot of effort but I don’t think any of the video makers (as good as they are), can claim to be among “the best” at this game. Your opinion, IMO, carries a lot of weight. Be prepared to receive some PMs for questions!

Appreciate it. I wouldnt say I’m one of the best. There are many great players out there far better in execution. I do enjoy the paper exercise though. I’ve got a deep roster of failed paper exercises lol.

Would love to have you for a bit who wouldn’t

Come to Effingham and join We Are One

I just wanna do a PVP with you in this moment, come to hale, please

Alot of awesome competition out there. I’m not ignoring messages will just take a bit to sort through this.

Overall glad to see competition out there is healthy even if dispersed.