Wanderer Hour #5

Your #PlayerCM here with another episode of wandering thoughts cleverly coined Wanderer Hour.

Todays topic: The Final Lesson

As my community members know, I’ve played at the top for the better part of 2 years in this game. I didnt always aim for that level of competition, I just sort of got drawn in as I enjoyed the game and my fellow players. So how’d this all happen?

Well, I started in Troup, 100% ftp, grinding offers and videos for the few coins I could get. Eventually I’d start over in Morgan for a few reasons. Armory exploit was running rampant, catching up to others wasnt practical without spending huge loads (and wheel was trash with no odds no guarantees), wanted to play competitively on a more even footing. So to Morgan is was, as it had just opened.

Leaving others behind was hard, but starting over was fun. I recall the first war and having to pimp out 2s and 3s best as one can. There were a few 5s toons but no one maxed. Toons were gear locked. We, Wargasm, led by Captain Sensible, pushed hard to try to take top 3. Yes, I joined purely for the name of the leader and the faction. I’m happy to report he was rather Sensible. We would fell short of 3rd as our coverage was broken but we were determined.

The hardest part in the 5s era was how top loaded the game was based on war. It would take 3-6, 4x wars to get enough 5s tokens to get a 5s, while 1, 2, 3 received toons with 56,66,76 ap. It made it an absolute must to break into top 3. Even so, progress was slow, but one could cobble up the tools necessary to make a win happen. That first war prize was Davie, who would ensure those players had an advantage over all others unless they threw down cash. But even though there was an advantage, it was still possible to beat these teams.

It was fun, I’d pour all my effort into preparing for a level tourney blow out as a means to bolster my roster when I could. The key was to have some much built up that it was unreasonable for someone to catch you. It was also during this time I became a moderate spender. All because of competition. I was focused on passing those ahead of me. I’d eventually cross that line into heavy spending but wasnt there yet. Some time around Sawyer (yellow) another player engaged me and was determined to beat the long standing #1 faction. This was about the time it triggered a more continuous investment cause his aim checked my competitive box. It was fun, a handful of spending players, mixed with alot of highly active, highly skilled ftp chasing down first. It was an entertaining time, we would get so close some times it was frustrating, other times we’d squeak the win. This is what I enjoyed most, competition.

(@TwoDogg @Mamabear @Slyest @Dreaddie will recall these days)

We all know where the game went from there, 6s era where I kicked up my spending to maintain performance. Objective was to beat our number #1 and to do so I put alot of the burden on myself. I didnt mind as long as others showed up and gave it their all. As players retired this also became more and more painful. Simply you cant make up for activity, the most active were already being squeezed and it was unreasonable to expect more.

Later on we were finally given the ability to transfer regions. I’d take that competitive spirit up a notch after talking with other known players on the forum. Gov, Bane, etc. Transfers was so exciting, especially as the activity burden continued to increase in regions, it only made sense to aim for the highest competition. It was also a confusing time, there was so much uncertainty and interest what was initially targeted as a 30 player wrecking crew would evolve into VIN a 90 person collective. Without transfers open, we couldn’t really assess our abilities against each other, so it just kinda happened. I’d happily earn my spot and land where I land. I couldn’t be sure even how capable I was.

We all know the story of Notorious, truly amazing group of players. We chased down competition and battled it out til the end. But the strength of Notorious was also its undoing. We all felt it. At the time, there wasnt an equivalent, we’d have some fun battle, but nothing that sparked the competitive pulse in all of us as we’d felt facing the unknown. This is what would lead us to disband (circa end of chapter 1), it just wasnt fun winning, it had to be a challenge. We’d all go help friends or seek separate journeys.

(@Bane @Jake @Gods @Zanwich
Will all recall these times. Great group.)

With time other similar level of competition would emerge. This led many of us back to eachother this time fighting as the mad hatters. It was fun and rebuilding is hard. Some of our best had sought out other top factions and remained, others had returned, new interests had joined us. It was fun, competition was more leveled making it much more enjoyable (when we actually faced them). Win lose or draw I kept on doing my best. Along our journey, we’d eventually evolve into Endgame meeting many new amazing players, and always it was fun. Facing other top teams, knowing the toolsets were equivalent was a blast. The competition kept me playing.

(@Conquest @Slyest @Widow was a huge part of this competition keeping me aiming to improve)

Push forward to today, yet another stat boost and clean slate. Finally I can tell you, I’m over it all. When a toon can one shot anyone on the battle field it just isnt worth it. We didnt have that in the 5s era, or in the transition to the 6s era. Yes, we all agree there was power toon management in the 6s once we hit the alice/amber promo era. But part of the challenge was to define how best to counter the offense you knew was coming at you. It doesn’t matter if it cost 200 or 3000, it is just not competitive releasing S Class the way it is being done. This isnt some well designed transition. This is a poorly design reset that wipes clear any sense of ‘competitiveness’ with the timing of which is prior to the ToC finals. The finals I was looking forward to cause it ensured the best factions would be battling it out and with the existing game play meta, anyone could takes 1st in war. But alas that is ruined by a poorly designed transition.

So the final lesson is this:
When a game no longer provides what you enjoy most, it is time to chart another path.

Thanks for joining me for another wandering rant, aka Wanderer Hour.

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Absolutely great post @Wanderer - our paths may have crossed different boundaries and moved along different paths but both have converged at where we are this week.

Yet another reset, handled appallingly, with no ryhme or reason behind it besides being yet another milking that does nothing for what remains of any competitive spirit or balance.

Previously that inter-tier gameplay was at least somewhat balanced and led to the spend feeling warranted or worthwhile to those playing at those levels. Now it feels to me its throwing money away to be number 1 on a dying game.

This weekend is my last, I’ve already agreed to hand my account off but really i am out the door already. The game got a lot closer to dying this week and with that a little piece of myself that has enjoyed the game for this past 4 years died with it.

Thank you for putting what are also my own thoughts and probably those of several of us in the whale class more succinctly than i would ever manage


No other words needed.


What kind of device are you on?
Not really relevant to your issue, but I’ve never seen those black bars before lol

Was definitely better days back then wandy. The best times actually. It’s really a shame how this game is now.


Love you wanderer. Was an honor to fight along side you. I’m afraid i won’t be too far behind you



Edit- Damn bruh you leaving! well good luck, hopefully this thread is not taken down.


I’m sorry to see you go Wanderer. Great post, I completely agree. I’m sorry to see so many others go as well. Nothing we can do when its only the community that has any passion for the game. A shame at how careless they’re with something so great. We have tried, but they have refused to listen and it’s leaving people with only one option. Take care and find something that appreciates you back.


There was never a challenge when spenders purchase numerous of the newest toon. No skills, no thought. Just money.


That is simply not true. I’ve seen many high spenders with poorly thought out teams with no synergy. I think you underestimate the level of knowledge needed to create an amazing team


Lol its a terrible ss of a ss. Sony xperia

Yep. Double Negan, double Elle. Real thought there.

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Maybe you need a better toolkit.


Maybe you are a tool…


Yeah, that is it.


I agree game has always been same we were just more inclined to accept it for what it was.

At least there is poetic justice in Scopely’s greed being their ultimate downfall. We warned and warned and they refused to listen, instead pushing back against us. Their final attempt to punish us for skullgate and PU has been their undoing.

I think perhaps I should feel some sympathy for those stupid enough to drop 2k for Priya when the game will be dead within 6 months. But then… Nah. She certainly hasn’t recouped the losses incurred from PU as Scopely had hoped. But they’ve now dug a grave they can’t climb out from.


Agree, but also dont think theres much thought or skill in using a maim attack team, which is an attacking meta thats been in effect for a while now among the top factions. S class stat boost is stupid though, along with the ridiculous museum purchasing method.


Great Post Wanderer!

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Great post! Similar story. Players think it’s hard now but I played for months and months without getting a five star as f2p. Had to coin the roadmap for 4 star mark who was so OP.

I too was f2p until I won the revive Abe solo level up which I had been hoarding for months on end after a year of grinding in the tenth place faction. With Andrea, Abe, 4 star chad and 4 star Mark, I was able to beat almost any P2P team which got me recruited to the second place faction. The sleepless nights and the money started after that as the competition was addicting and trying to beat the number 1.

It’s a real shame to see the current state of this game. The greed has completely blinded this company and has led to poor decision after poor decision.