Wanderer didn't kill himself

I killed him and scopley made me :frowning:
I wonder which forumer is next


Neither did Epstein.


Wanderers are forever.

Merely moved to a higher plane to continue the pursuit of knowledge.

We are omnipotent.


Press F to pay respects.

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what ? They killed of the Wanderer. Amber will advenge him she’s a girl

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umm is Roxie also dead? why did she turn evil ? and isn’t Baker dead ? your writing is confusing. @GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely Please tell me Roxie is okay

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To be honest. I’m just glad someone who’s not a nameless random died, even if they sadly were to lazy to draw a Death “Scene”.

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Yep, most likely. Well, don’t question it. A while ago we also had a Roadmap where Barker was part of a Group alongside Carson, Diego and freaking Garret.

They just seem to be to lazy to invent a New Antagonist, so they just reuse Old Ones. In my opnion they could just make the black random dude with glasses a real character, he looks sinister enough.

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Yes because he’s a actual scopley employee

and this should be the Backstory.


B4 anyone else says it:

Look at how they massacred my boy.

I told you Col Mustart with a lead pipe in the study

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Are sure it’s not Douglas disquised as col mustard

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it makes no sense. it irks me because i could actually do a good job writting a story line and i’m dyslexic Roxie doesn’t strike me as evil. Also barker is dead 3times over by now

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also why is Wayland british ?

You don’t need to tell me this. I offered them all my Characters I showed in my Character Showoffs back when I did those.

Luckily some of this Characters get the shine they deserve in the upcoming SotU Series by me.


They should let fans some fans have involement. If they don’t have good story tellers have a fan do it. You can do it i’m sure. but yeah can’t wait to read that. 3 more weeks of schoo left and i can

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He is ? interesting

@Wanderer come back and play with us