Walton vs Troup vs Habersham vs Wilkinson


This was a very good match up. The top 2 from Troup and the top faction from the other 3 regions were all very powerful and were a pretty good match for each other.
The gap between 1st and 4st was only 100k by Saturday afternoon but the top 2 took off soon after that.
I was involved in 1 war (1st vs 2nd) and it went the full hour and the point difference at the end was only 1,500 points, it was the closest war i’ve ever had.
Congratulations to Dead End, you had some awesome teams there.


Thank you sir, was the most fun CRW we’ve ever had. We enjoyed the competition and the CRW line chat was fun as hell


I concur…From DA in Habersham - Good job guys, it was a fun one!


Yup, this war was fun as hell and by far the best competition we’ve had to date.


Surprize Mofo!


Dilly! Dilly!! Mofos!


Definitely had some fun head to head against some tough factions. Had fun in our hour long wars :upside_down_face:


I didn’t really get up to much this CRW weekend as I was super busy. But the matches were great.
Some super good teams in these regions.

We finished in 13th! - LoS (Wilkinson). Our first CRW loss too.

Good stuff!