Walking dead - the road to less and less refills

Yes, by now I might be considered as someone that hits the forums mostly to complain about everything i do not like. I was always taught that you thank people for things they gave. Being overly positive makes people fake. I will not thank the builder of a game if something WORKS, they should thank me for playing it and giving them my money. And hey, no complaints means something is good, right? I mean it says enough.

Ok well, on topic:
I’m not the first to voice my opinion about a lack of refills in the game and certainly not the last. But lately it has been horrible. Where to start?

Raid energy:
Ok, this department seems fine, i mean, we win them every once in a while and the only time we spend them REALLY is during raid events. People can buy them AND people can save them. Still, while we are spending them intensively, there is no chance to win one back. Why not add a really small chance to win them while raiding? Positive side effect: people will raid more on a daily basis.

War energy refills:
This seems totally fine as it is. We can win them during several events and in scavenger missions. The war events are not an overload, meaning that saving them from road map events and from the scavenger missions, gives players a chance to build up a bit in between every war. The war itself has a decent rate too and you can get them from taking towers. Which is positive because people take towers more often. So here, we won’t really need a change.

World map refills:
Ok, here’s where i would really like to see changes. Look, we ate really happy with a solid stream of road maps to do. But, we often have that many road maps, while we still want to farm for survivors or the very rare lillith drops, that it becomes a bit hard to stack up on them. We used to have some from supply depot, but i have not seen them in a long time. I went from about 100 refills to about 20 refills in less than a month of time. As i suggested with raid refills i can do here too. Give a small chance of refill to drop (linked to the amount of energy spend, ex: 0,5% chance per energy spend). On top of it, bring them back to the supply depot.

Survival road energy:
I remember that when the events just started, we got 1 can for the first stage cleared. Whats wrong with keep doing this? Especially with the amount of events that scopely throws at us, why isnt this possible? F2P players should have the feeling that saving up on things, gives then a chance to win something. The way its designed now they have no chance to win the tournament, nor to get the top milestone rewards. That’s 2 losses for f2p and is not acceptable.

Look i know scopely has a money making industry going. But in theory, every paying player needs 8 f2p players to keep them interested in the game. There’s already a lot of things to make money with: promo’s on chars, weapons, upgrading etc etc. F2P players will pay for nothing, that will not change, or maybe they take a 30 day pack, but they will not spend 10€ on a deal with a couple of refills. Pay 2 play chars often have a limit they want to spend monthly. Which means that if they buy less refills one week (because they won them), they will buy more coins for pulls the next one.

So what does the above mean for the player base;

F2P players are more happy and feel the game is more fair to them and chance get slimmer that they quit. (And with every 8 f2p players, 1 spender will quit).

The spenders will get more promos for their money instead of refills, they will be happy too. On top of it, overall less people quit, so you keep the spenders too.

There are absolutely no losers here. Not scopely, nor the spenders, nor the f2p’ers.


Some good points. But honestly there is alot of other things wrong with the game that imo need addressing first.
Rewards. Bugs. Ascendable toons. Events etc.
The amount of refills one has isnt a major issue.

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Everything you suggested affects their bottom line, they will not allow that.

I know, but just for it to be less important doesnt mean that its not important. And i think the problem i am complaining about is easily solved. It’s there, they just need to add a few numbers.

As it is a minor issue maybe they will listen and make changes :+1:
I have no hope in the issues I mentioned.

Stats? Proof? More info need please

Scopee does not release stats and if some on posted them it would be scorch earth banning.

More refills would be awesome. There is one key word in all refills used, farming. You farm, you pay seems fair enough. That being said there needs to be enough content to keep others engaged. Which is very hard to measure.

I would say just add 2 slots to the supply depot. The gear depot has 10 slots, why the others not? That way they can always put 2 stacks of refills to buy per week.

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