Walking Dead RTS Producer forms new studio

Just browsing and thought this was interesting

“Another week, another pair of established industry bods forming an indie studio. This time it’s Chris Pasley, who was executive producer on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, and Alex Lien, ex-studio director at EA’s Pogo Shanghai studio. Together they have formed Ordinal Games, a free-to-play mobile development house that will be focusing on narrative experiences, according to a report by PocketGamer”.

full article here


I would never play any other game that anybody from scopely had a hand in lol that’s for the heads up


. This is scopley and easy soooo
em expect a lot of microtranssactions

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Micro generally involves small sums of money. $100 plus transactions is only micro if your a bank.

I agree scopee it a money pig.

I really doubt I will ever get another EA game either…

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