Walking Dead:No Mans Land shows loot box chances, so why doesn’t Scople?


It’s time they stopped breaching App Store rules and showed item chances.


Yes, they are working on it. When it is something they need to nerf, it takes minutes. When it is something that they are forced, it will be prolonged till last moment.


To be fair when you were given a month to do an assignment did you do it the first day or did you wait until the last few days? I am guilty of waiting until the last possible moment myself on more than one occasion. Procrastination’s what humans do. Its what we’re good at.

I will give you an educated guess. The best item is less than 3% and the worse is probably close to 80%. The odds of pulling the premiere toon even ones with “2x chances” are less than 3%. All these games basically operate the same and odds like these fall in line with the rest of whats out there.

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I only delay my job if I’m tired, but when I get job I have to do before deadline (30 days example), I do it very soon/ right away (skipping preclusive deadline can be disastrous, at least I see it like that). In their case, it is just gambling and testing players patience. At least those that play.

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Premier Recruits - 100% chance for a character.
Premier Arms Cache - 100% chance for a weapon.
Some loot box - 100% chance for an item.


All numbers are correct. Except loot box, it should say 100% of something, who knows what. Aldo premiere arms cache was giving weapon parts if I’m right? (Can’t remember, never did a pull)

Don’t include all humans in that boat. I am not a slacker. I get shit done before it is supposed to be done. I don’t put stuff off to the last minute. I am also a hard worker.

Because the developers and publishers here do not work for Next Games Oyj or NeX Games, they work for Scopely and IUGO mobile entertainment.

lmao I love it, it would be typical.

Apple isn’t fully enforcing it, so they aren’t breaching it yet. Whenever a new policy goes into effect, there’s always a grace period set.

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Soooo…Shiva doesn’t procrastinate?

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I have little faith in whatever method they will eventually decide to use based on past experience. They can certainly display % chances, but they by no means have to be accurate. How many times have you tried leveling an AR by using a batch of 10 toons? A displayed chance of “40%”, yet in the past I’ve gone as high as 20 batches and not seen a single level of improvement.

Nothing to stop them having 40% as the chance of getting a premier toon from a 10 pull, and have the usual sophistry from support on hand to wave away why someone didn’t get it after multiple attempts. And while I know we’re now supposed to get a guaranteed 5* in 40 pulls, that doesn’t always seem to be the case as many have mentioned (but you might get 3 in 120, so keep dropping those dollars).


Valid points, but ultimately, we can’t take anything at face value anyways since we can’t personally check the code. (Eg: Are weapon procs 35% or higher/lower? Are ARs even doing the damage it’s supposed to?) There’s also the important question of the discrepancies in numbers being intentional or not.

At the end of the day, transparency is still something that is better to have than not to have. The question of legitimacy behind those numbers ultimately becomes a bigger issue beyond what consumers have to worry about, as the punishment for intentionally falsifying those numbers is between Apple and them.

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Shiva does whatever Shiva wants. :tiger2:


Everyone already knows the odds… just a number will be up there doesn’t mean it will be a number we like.

You can be a hard worker and still wait until the last minute. Most people procrastinate. Prove it otherwise.


lmao why are the 6 out of 10 females?

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Someone over there is sexist, I guess. :grimacing:

Also it says the other 4 just don’t know it yet and guys are typically oblivious so makes sense. :wink:

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that was sexist too :open_mouth: lol

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And you wouldn’t trust a reliable source of statistics? :wink:

I thought that was hilarious that’s why I used it.