Walking dead characters through history

If Yvette, who isnt in the comics gets to be in RTS then why the hell cant Daryl be in the game? Scopely you know that if you did release a 6* Daryl nearly 100% (well atleast in my region) will spend money to try get him. I understood why you didnt put him in before due to “following the comic characters” but Yvette and tons of others have been released now and im sitting here in my PJ’s wondering why isn’t Daryl, atleast hes slightly related to walking dead other than Yvette who prob doesnt even play the game.( No offence Yvette if your reading this) - End of Rant

Do you agree? Who would you want to see in the game?

If i have mentioned something wrong please do tell me…

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Daryl is a product of the TV series and therefore his image rights are owned by AMC rather than Skybound. AMC have put their backing to other Walking Dead games in which Daryl features.

Do you not for a second think that Scopely have the intelligence to realise that a Daryl character would enable them to rake in more money? And therefore, if it was a realistic option, that they would have done it by now? Despite all the shit with this game, they aren’t idiots when it comes to attempts at generating revenue.


I’d be willing to wager that Yvette couldn’t care less about the forums and has spent no more than a few hours in-game


You mean minutes?


That is not really how image rights work. I would love for there to be AMC specials just like we have Telltale specials - but without permission/agreement this will not happen.

To understand what would happen if they added AMC Characters, here you go: http://www.goal.com/en/news/edgar-davids-successfully-sues-league-of-legends-video-game/1lx14iqlfdn4m1t879wfubopff

Norman Reedus would also be able to sue because he has not signed/sold his image rights, if the character looked like him.

A similair situation where this occured was in the early days of The Lord of the Rings online where initially characters like Gandalf and Aragorn looked identical to the Movie characters - but those actors had sold their rights to WB not turbine (who made the game) so their appearances were changed. Funny tidbit, Lord of the Rings online was later bought by WB but the appearences did not change :frowning:

AMC has their own game to care about over this one. It’d be their best interest to stick with No Man’s Land than crossover.