WalkerTexasRanger reporting for duty

Hello survivors!

Fresh meat here! (Quite literally)

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, as I will be filling in GR.Scopely’s shoes from now on, which are currently quite large and intimidating, but I’m always ready for a challenge.

All cards on the table, it will still take me some time to get up to speed on everything, however I have 10 years experience in managing communities so I am confident that with a bit of your help, I’ll get where I need to be in not time.

As for next steps, I do not come with any grandiose plans or promises, and my efforts for now will be on improving communication all around. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts and can sympathize with a lot of your suggestions and requests, but I believe we need to lay a foundation first to help build for the future.

My task will not only be ensuring that you get the information you need in a regular and timely fashion, but also ensuring that your voice is heard within the team.

So, I won’t keep you long and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with the community and working together. Just bear with me these first few weeks (literally on my second week), as I will still be learning the ropes and it will take me some time.

Feel free to drop any questions you might have below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

“I don’t expect or demand your complete trust until I’ve earned it.”
- Carl Grimes

P.S: A huge shout-out to LadyGeek, to the Player Council and to the Content Creators for giving me a warm welcome on my first week! Looking forward to working together!


Good luck bro welcome to faction.


Welcome Tex! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Good luck your going to need it


I like that. Welcome. :grin:


Thanks! Couldn’t resist using the quote as it’s one of my favourite interactions in the comics.


Good luck and welcome.

You’ll get to know me trust me, people reading this probably laughing. :wink:

Welcome to the MadHouse!


Welcome my question Is do you play this game


Welcome onboard new take it to the team person


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I hope the community doesn’t kill your enthusiasm too quickly!


Welcome fella :slight_smile: you’ve got some ‘peace and quiet’ for a little while due to the WOC-Coma.

Good luck managing us :wink:

Yeahhh we don’t trust Scopely so this won’t be a problem. Welcome to the madness! I’d suggest creating your own version of “taking it to the team.”


The issue is Scopely doesnt listen or care. If there isnt dollar signs attached, they wont change a thing. Thats what you are up against. 99% of the time GR brought it to the team, 99% of the time we never had an answer.


Looking forward to it!

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@Cherryberry Yep, I do play the game, but will admit I’m still a bit of a noob. But I’ll get there eventually hehe


Noob we all stay until they call us hackers

Fresh meat here
Yeah your gonna be fresh meat for Some here
As long as you don’t say things like keep surviving
Or ill take it too the team
You’ll be a ok

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Bienvenue parmis nous :grin: