Walkers or humans?!

If youre going to have high level stages that require actually focusing on what kind of team you can make up, why don’t you have something simple like in survival road where you can actually see what type of enemy you’re facing. If im using a type of energy that you can only replace by purchasing, it really sucks if you plan for a human team and wind up facing walkers or vice versa.


Agreed, it’s really frustrating.

this would be an AMAZING quality of life update


The world map stages generally tell you what kind of enemies you’ll be facing.

The fact that roadmaps often don’t is either laziness or to deliberately make it more difficult.


I came here JUST for this! I was hoping that someone would have a roadmap guide showing humans or walkers. Really frustrating.

If They don’t show u then u lose now u need to buy more stuff to get threw it this is intentional so they can make more money off u

CM: Sanctuary…
1-1 … walkers
1-2… human
1-3… human
1-4 walkers
1-5 human
1-6 human
1-7 human
1-8 walker/ human mix
1.1 human
1.2 humn
1.3 humans
1.4 walkers
1.5 walkers


Did the first three levels of sanctuary and stage 8 was always 4 waves of walkers and one human wave.

1-3 humans
.4 walkers
.5 humans
.6 zombies
.7 humans
.8 zombies and humans

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1: humans
2: humans
3: humans
4: walkers
5: humans
6: humans
7: walkers
8: both

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Very helpful. Have you finished all of Sanctuary?

Yeah super easy. I’m f2p and didn’t have any issues

Hope this helps!

The last stage in each act is walkers and humans though not just walkers.

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I forgot to mention, this is for CM: Hilltop. It was all walkers when I did it.

Ah ok. Yeah on the other two it is both. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am too. I dont have problems with human stages, but when i go in with my main atk team on last zombie stage it takes me like 30 mins to finish it lol

Soo the one in the photo is for sanctuary?

1-3 first stage was humans for me

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A self sustaining bleed team with control beats every roadmap in the game