Walkers in Territories are Scattering!


Sweet I can do double the walker ING!


5 hours later. :grinning::wink:


Honestly I’m pleasantly surprised. Same thing in my region too.


Thats the same thing I’ve been saying all along, and they even removed my post and said it was in violation because I didn’t agree with what they did by screwing up the game by adding territories to leagues. And then removed another I made last night. When I wasn’t even that bad.


It’s about time we been clearing these walkers for over a year now, never thought those little buggers would ever go away


I agree with giving league points for walkers if and only if the community believes that territories are useless. If the purpose of terrs - getting different bonuses throughout the game - is useful and enjoyable then this fix doesn’t solve anything because it will still be impossible to hold terrs. If territories are useless and nobody gives a shit about them, then we’re just keeping them in the game as a reaving ground for league points, again making them pointless in and of themselves. What Scopely needs to do is get leagues completely out of territories.


This fix is great. No points for walkers please I don’t like that idea.

Our region is currently walker free. Funny i haven’t done anything different. Still hit territories and put a team in :confused:


Can we get a fixed kill ratio going? 4 walkers left, sux wasting E on that


So, are you all still convinced this would solve anything ?
It worked for half a day in my region … and we went back to original white mess because in the end people are still looking for league points !

Now we just have to wait for a new fix, in order to fix the fix, and then another fix for fixing the fixing fix … this sure looks like scopes logic, same bs from the event where you collect items to collect items to collect items to collect tokens to finally pull utter cr@p :disappointed: :man_facepalming:t4:

It could all be so simple,
But you’d rather make it hard …


This is funny you claim to lower walkered territories but now the game will auto kick teams out and turn the territory to walkered again.


It’s still terrible.

Please fix.


The area should of went to Ren for clearing the more amount of walkers and it didnt.


They have to put a team in or it goes to walkers again.


I doubt they wiped walkers and didnt put a team.
What would be the point ?


Sometimes factions miscommunicate and everyone thinks someone else is going to put a team in. Even more likely, the player trying to put a team in has the game reset on them before setting the team, so it went to walkers.


Hi miss LadyGeek.
It did that to me earlier today when I was taking an area. I had already placed a team in it then it auto kicked my team out and game crashed.


Hello fearless leader :slightly_smiling_face:. Hopefully the next update will have a fix.


Its been more than a month since last update.


Happened the other day in my region too before the terro walkers were lowered. I had helped clear some walkers (100), but the other faction did around 250 walkers, so I told them to keep going so I didn’t do too many.

They did but because another faction cleared only about 40, they got it instead. Faction that killed most walkers did have teams in.


Pretty sure that’s how it’s always worked since territories came out, regardless of what’s published in-game. The faction that takes the walker count to 0 (or below 0) wins it.