Walkers in Territories are Scattering!


Yesssssss. Please!



And just like that… :grinning::+1:


What are these control bonuses you speak of?? As detailed in the above post it shows some sort of control bonus but it doesn’t bother telling us what they were.

Also while I am happy to have the reduction in walkers, this is not going to fix much 🤷 bc the ppl walkering territories are interested in points not clearing walkers and wasting NRG to clear walkers takes away from points. You should have just given 1/2 the amount of normal points for clearing walkers.


did you just really ask this question? do you even play the game or know how to read?


Why yes I can troll, you want to point out to me WHERE it shows what the control bonuses are?? I’ll wait…


The bonus you get from controlling a territory


keep waiting


It only takes a couple hits to clear walkers now. I don’t know about everywhere, but solved our issues immediately. I just posted the screenshot of 100% filled territories since the change. We were at 50% an hour before.


Watch in an hour as the shields go away how many go to back walkers. It will just be a cycle of quick clearing, shield period, walkering as soon as shields are down, and repeat unless people start stacking territories. An improvement for sure but still not a final solution to the problem. But I’ll take it for now.


Congrats, I happy its helped you it hasn’t done anything to fix my region bc there’s still no incentive to clear walkers. As I said the ppl walkering territories are interested in points not clearing walkers.

My regions issue was caused by transfers, we got a influx of idiots who purposely walker territories for no other reason than what I can guess is to cause drama. Either give half point’s for walkers or get rid of territories being a part of Leagues all together.


The control bonuses are the tokens we get from occupying territories. Didn’t think this needed to be explained.


Why do you even care if you don’t even know what a territory bonus is? That is the whole point of a territory to begin with.


It’s real nice they did something about the walkers but when doing attacks it still reboots and wastes your turn. That’s what they should be fixing


I got you, I thought and was hoping it was in the form of points towards leagues to give us a reason to hold them, not the normal stuff that we already get. :rofl:


Pretty sure they mentioned a fix coming next update.


They mentioned a fix, didn’t specify which fix (since I heard there are multiple bugs on territories), though I do hope they fix all of them.


Good deal


Hats off to you Scopely for listening to player feedback on this issue.


This didn’t help much :slight_smile: