Walkers in Territories are Scattering!


The number of Walkers occupying Territories has been greatly reduced.

It appears your efforts have reduced their overall numbers, and Territories are now easier than ever to take control.

Don’t let those control bonuses go to waste, so get in there take back what is rightfully yours!


Walkers per Territory OLD NEW
2 Star Territory 300 Walkers 60 Walkers
3 Star Territory 400 Walkers 120 Walkers
4 Star Territory 500 Walkers 160 Walkers
5 Star Territory 600 Walkers 200 Walkers

We’ve lowered the number of Walkers present for each type of Territory, allowing players to claim a given Territory using far less Energy than before.

We know Territories currently requires additional attention, and hope you enjoy this initial tweak, while we keep on working towards a better, long term adjustment.

Territories & Leagues

The recent additions of Leagues to the game has changed the way players apprehend and strategize around Territories.
The community feedback has been loud and clear. We will be adjusting the design in the near future.

The hotfix detailed above will be deployed in game today, November 6th, at around 12pm PT
(You might observe some minor delays, by the time it propagates to all live Regions).



Thank you very much



This is a solid change.


If walker attacks gave league trophies I think most would be happy enough with that being a long term fix for territories along with the reduced waves.


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Hopefully this will help some! Thanks!


Good fix, but I think a better one would be just to allow players to get trophies when clearing walkers. Even if it’s half the amount of attacking it while it’s claimed.


Woohoo!!! Thats awesome!! Thanks for listening to our input :heart:


^^^Simple and easy fix and would only have required one solution instead of multiple.
But…I do like the lowering of the amount of walkers.


A move in the right direction. Nicely done!


Great :heart_eyes:


To be honest, I was for the idea at first but then I realized what could happen. Example: faction takes a territory. They drop it to walkers, then retake it, then drop it, then retake it, farming leauge points all the while. So, I did like that idea at first but when you take into consideration the resulting exploits, you’d have an even bigger mess on your hands.


Eh, it could work out. There’s another solution which is add bonus league points for adding teams. Everything is gonna have a flaw in some way. Should still try it to see how it works out.


I am not seeing a benefit here. still 300 walkers at 27 walkers an energy


I get 50 walkers each hit.


Guess I am just a slacker lol. Was there an update by chance?


No clue. I have been hearing some have been able to clear less walkers while others have a more clearing advantage but idk if that’s true or not.


thank you . . . . . . . . going back to sleep. Someone wake me when they find a cure :slightly_frowning_face:


How about remove territories from League points altogether. That’s the only true fix. Gives no one a reason to go around and walker territories. Giving points for clearing walkers leads to exploiting it and at this point too much damage has been done that no one wants to assign teams anyways. If no one gets any league points for territories most people won’t even bother with them just like it was a few months ago. There still will be a jerks doing it just for the fun of watching everyone get mad, but most will stop altogether once they stop getting points for being dicks.