Walkers in terries


Hello. The last months in Butler, we’re having an unspoken agreement about not stacking crafting territories. We add only 3k defence on them, we take them all together and when shields are down another faction can get them. Lately, like the last 3 weeks we have some… silly people… giving these territories to walkers and then farm them. Cause farming a 2*-3* territory no one cares about is too smart move to think of I guess. Can you do anything about it please? It’s annoying and as many times as we talked about it in gc, they keep doing it. @kalishane


What exactly do you expect Kali to do about this, head over to Butler & wag her finger at people you don’t like?


Yeah exactly what you said. But also how about do something so they can’t give terries we need like 5 times every day? That will be a good start.


Take the territory and stack it high so they have a hard time taking it back. Take the territories they seem to want the most and stack them high. You are gonna have to fk with them and annoy them enough to make them come to some type of agreement with you if thats what you want. Scopely isn’t going to do anything about this as it’s part of the game and once it goes to walkers anyone can take it.


Maybe you guys as a region should figure it out for yourselves. You’re expecting a change to the whole game based on the activity of some people in a single region.


OMG, Was this really asked. What the heck is going on? How about you ask Kali to implement trades and then force people with multiple stun weapons to give you one? smdh


It’s a way to troll people and some factions find it fun


You should calm yourself. All I asked is if they can do anything so some idiots won’t be able to give them to walkers again and again. Not you, them.


They can’t do anything but you can. It’s called gitgudd.


Lol. This is like little kids telling mommy on the other kids. Ill say what i do to my children work it out for yourself. Kill the walkers if you want it that bad. Sheesh


You’re asking for them to change the way it was designed to work though. Territories were designed for Factions to constantly be battling each other for these areas by taking over a territory or simply pushing a faction out of a territory.

Factions have found it is much easier to cooperate in certain areas than to try to fight everyone, others just like to be disruptive.

My suggestion would be to stop complaining about it. If the faction is doing it just to get a rise out of everyone, they will stop when no one is complaining anymore.


We have the same problem with “flooders”. Nothing you can do about it if they want to be a’holes. We destroy them real quick like in region war. They get mad and flood more, we destroy them in all other tournaments, they continue flooding. A never ending cycle.