Walkers! are recruiting (wave 1) in Blount region

Hey all.

I’m the recruiting for Walkers! faction in Blount region. (Wave 1 for transfer purposes). We have been around since 2015 when the game first dropped. Looking to add few top notch players in the current meta who are looking to compete at a high level.

Here’s a few screenshots of our team in leagues this season and last 3 CRW results from this summer 2019.

Region: Blount (wave 1)
Awesome region with great people. Very welcoming, no trolls, and the usual shared crits / dropped def during raids etc. As a region we made it to the ToC semifinals.

The game keeps changing and people retire but the cycle goes on for those of us who still got the fight in us. If you are looking to compete at a high level, keeping up with the recent changes and able to raid fast then give us a try :sunglasses:

Message me on Line app @ ‘NEOTHEDEAD’ id to chat.

Don’t forget to blame Adam

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You know it! He gets reminded of it daily.

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What was the h2h against Victory and Nightmare? seems like a good match up

Yes victory and nightmare are both great teams. Much respect to them both. Can’t remember exact h2h scores but we had losses from both nightmare and victory that weekend.

Need a full vk roster to join?

I would like to join but I’m in a wave 3 region :unamused:

We don’t house VK-ers. They are not welcome.

Only whales?

Message me via Line if interested :v:

It’s odd I’m tempted to show these noobs recruit chats… but these are same ppl posted same cliche recruit post every single day… desperate much?

Thanks also for the free bump. Go troll elsewhere. :joy:

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I can vouch for them there good people brung good competition here and we get to blame Adam for everything

Not in there faction f2p myself and can keep up with them so wouldn’t go that far to say whales only :joy:

Bump… I liked Walkers when they were in Mitchell. Good group.

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I like Mitchell. I can say was one of region I enjoyed. It took awhile but like working with them.

look up for Line info if interested ^ :v: