Walkering Solution

This isn’t a topic to open up the “go crazy on Scopely” can… but I propose that we get league points for clearing walkers. Do you think that would be a possibility? That way territories would constantly be active. Thanks for lowering the walker count too btw.

We do have that now

Wait a second, you get points toward your league placement for clearing walkers in territories now?

No league points for clearing walkers. Just did to confirm.

But back to your original idea, it has been suggested many times on here. Scopely has stated league trophies aren’t meant to be awarded for player vs environment activities so there is a good chance that they won’t plan on doing this. Also it encourages exploits. You can claim a territory, wait til the shield is almost down, drop the territory, clear the walkers and repeat, all the while getting League points and never actually having to defend.

That’s the thing… atleast if trophies are initiated for clearing walkers people will have incentive to clear them. Often the map stays full of walkers because people don’t want to use the fuel.

Hey atleast I stated my piece.

Lowering the walker count has helped greatly for that. My region which was really bad for having territories go to walkers is quite a lot better now. At most 5 white territories at one time.

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My bad. I saw people actually clearing them so I assumed they were getting points. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was already stated, NO!

Thank you, I’m not a regular here so I wouldn’t know. But I appreciate your passion :slight_smile:

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I think the best solution would be give the tt defender points for dying and more points for actually defending.

I kinda like the chaos…I was spending all my time in chat lines debating, threatening and pleading with people of lesser intelligence…

When suddenly I thought…fark this, kill or be killed. Sat back and watched the carnage. It’s amusing to watch the fighting just as it’s become amusing to watch you lot debate solutions…lol.

Until this becomes monotonous…

Yeah I prefer peace

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