Walker Tokens.... why have they been converted to SD points

Why have my walker tokens been converted to SD points when they are still being sold in bags etc and the wheel has been extended ?

if you have reset the wheels and poeple have to start collecting them from 0 have you reset the £0.99 offer for 325 tokens or how ever many it was ?


Sneaky. I didn’t see that they’d reset the wheel.

New year, new me xD start with more bugs


Won’t complain too much. That wheel was pretty amazing for a lot of people. The only good toon i didn’t get was Sandy


same as normal for me. i got blue negan on my £0.99 pulls which suckered me in and got me to buy more tokens just to get all 4*

New year,New, accont.You get free reset for everything lmao

I was so about to post about this i want my tokens back thats dumb to give me supply tokens for something they extended


So did the wheel timer run out? or did the wheel still have time left and it randomly reset?

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I was p!seed…but then I got more tokens and I pulled an Erika…so now I’m :-):sunglasses:

Koa , sandy and 2 kals…i am not complaining…
But weird how they ended the event and gave me supply points and then restarted the event.

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I pulled Violet from that wheel best $10 I ever spent on this game makes up for all my terrible premium pulls

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They are also selling a shiva offer even though it’s been over for a while :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

True and why is my friends getting these and not me

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U get back the tokens U had when they were converted to supply points. If U had 0 U got 0

I got no tokens back and had tokens so idk

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Same I got no tojennaback and had tokens. @JB.Scopely why are some getting 1350 Walker tokens and most getting none. If you are going to give it should be across the board not random. This us like the 99 cent offer fiasco


These rollouts can take a while, so a little patience might be all you need.

That said, if they are issuing back all the tokens we lost to SD points, a little in game or forum announcement wouldn’t hurt. But I suspect it’s more of the “it doesn’t count as a f#ck up if we don’t admit it was a f#ck up” attitude that seems to be adopted by Scopely.

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Yes. Because patience in this game has definitely gotten us so much. Keep on surviving is what support says for a reason. Patience wasn’t needed to roll Andrea back :joy:
Hey maybe only the “most appreciated players” got tokens back…bUT yes I shall patiently wait for them to fix territories and to update supply depots,and to update the 30 day pass kalishane said was happening last December or maybe I should be patient and wait for the free sheild promised…oh wait Andrea was “free” my bad patience definitely the way to go scopely fixes all their mistakes as long as you are super patient. Pay no attention to the threads of people with hacked accounts or waiting for stuff they purchased and didn’t get…patience is key

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What the hell… How come I didn’t get any back?? Is everyone gonna be compensated??

Lol, thanks for reminding me of the “most appreciated player’s” bullshit.