Walker tokens.. when do i get mine back ? or the 1320 compensation


i have still not received my walker tokens that you converted to SD points back. i see some others have been sent compensation for it to their in box.

When will i receive mine ? might make up for the richard and harlan i pulled with my war rewards smh

Can someone tag JB please i done know how to tag people

Thank you



Hello Any update on this ? i refuse to buy any more offers until i get my other tokens back

thank you

its best to keep on at them via the ingame support or direct email, unfortunately from past experiences myself these things tend never to be resolved before the event ends … best of luck

Oh damn don’t think I got my sd points either

Keep on surviving!

Do you mean walker tokens?

Totally agree you should get the compensation, but I don’t think you’re talking about the right thing

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I want the walker tokens back that they ever so helpfully decided to convert to SD points and then re start the wheel that you cash them in with.

Well spotted i did mean walker tokens, yesterday was the first day back at work after 2 weeks off and from going to bed at 4am from staying up to war. still sleepy now, but that richard i got from the winter tokens makes up for it grrrr lol

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Just another issue that they will ignore and will be swept under the rug.

exactly what i was thinking. i would of brought some more as i got bleed negan from them. But im not gonna buy any if they dont give me back the ones they converted to SD points.

you cant convert them to SD points saying the event has finished then straight away start the event again and be like buy more tokens mofos lol

they reset it but i did notice i didnt get the offer of 325 tokens for £0.99 again, so only half restarted


We did run a script to isolate all players who got converted their existing Walker Tokens into SD Points around the new year mark, right the day after it happened.

All eligible players were compensated back with their former balance of Tokens.
For any enquiry, as this could be very account specific, please do approach our support crew

Many thanks!

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I never got mine.

Neither do i

@JB.Scopely while you’re here what’s up with the 9mm 1* gun some of us got?


Still nothing while others are getting hundreds in compensation.

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Ah thank you. 9mm pistol virus got it

I never got mine

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Message support they aren’t as useless as they were before. Took two messages and I got back my walker tokens. Make sure to include what region you want them in if you play multiple regions

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