Walker Hordes - Strategy Guide [UPDATED 4/11/19]


The objective in Walker Hordes is to earn the most points possible. Points are earned by making kills which can be achieved via a number of different strategies. The point of this post is to explain some of those strategies and start you thinking about how to most effectively win at Walker Hordes! But first… a couple of points to note:

Scoring Details: At the end of a match, you will receive points for every enemy you kill, and your score will increase dramatically for every fighter that remains defeated when the match is over. This means you can earn points and make progress even if you don’t defeat all of the enemies! Unlike other features, a match can have 3 outcomes:

  • Defeat: if no enemy fighters are dead when the match is over.
  • Enemy Lines Broken: if some, but not all enemy fighters are dead when the match is over.
  • Flawless Victory: if all enemy fighters are defeated.

Walker Details: Walkers in Walker Hordes are not the same as Walkers elsewhere in the game. Key differences include:

  • Crit Resistance
    • Walkers in Walker Hordes all have a certain (percentage) chance that they will resist a Headshot. Some walkers have higher Crit Resistance than others (and are therefore more likely to survive longer)
    • If a crit is resisted, the extra crit damage is still applied but the Walker will not be Headshot (it will not die instantly)
  • Move + Attack
    • Walkers in this feature can move and attack in the same turn, unlike in other features.
    • If a Walker approaches an opponent and has 1 or more spaces of movement left over, it will attack in the same turn.
  • Roles
    • Walkers in this feature all have “roles” to identify their most common use-cases.
    • “Fodder” Walkers have low stats are are primarily used to absorb attacks and mob the opponents with crowds of Walkers.
    • “Attack” Walkers will deal more damage than others.
    • “Tank” Walkers have higher DEF or HP than others, and can take more hits from enemies.
    • “Support” Walkers normally have special abilities that will help other kinds of walkers be more effective.

It’s also important to remember that Walkers are unaffected by certain status effects, including Confuse, Taunt, and Impair. Walkers also don’t gain or lose AP, and are unaffected by enemies with Human Shield. Keep these immunities in mind when building your Hordes and Defense Teams!

And now for some strategy suggestions…

General Strategies

Note: it is possible that the balancing of strategies and stats within this feature will change over time in order to create the most balanced and fun experience for everyone.

Protect Your Important Walkers

Each Walker has unique uses and abilities, and it’s important that your key units are able to reach their destinations. There are a variety of tools at your disposal to help with this:

  • Create Multiple Targets

    • Often you may want to protect certain Walkers so they can reach the opponent. One way to do this is to use low-cost Walkers to create more targets for enemies to focus on. The more Walkers on the field, the less likely the enemy will focus their attacks on your key units. This makes it more likely that your key units will reach the front lines.
  • Target Location

    • Enemy combatants will favor attacking the closest threats, especially adjacent ones. High speed Walkers, or Crawlers (which can be placed next to opponents), are great at dealing damage quickly, and also draw the most fire. This can be used to give your heavy-hitters time to reach the enemy.
  • Status Effects

    • Many Walkers and Commands can cause status effects, which are often the key to countering many of your opponents’ strengths. See the lists below for more detailed examples of how Status Effects can be used most efficiently.
  • Prevent Adrenaline Rushes

    • As with other modes of the game, one reliable way to bring down enemies is to prevent them from using their Adrenaline Rushes. The Distracting Walker can be used to reduce AP directly, or cards like the Menacing Walker or Rock Salt Ammo can apply status effects like Taunt or Confuse which prevent them from triggering their Rushes.
  • Buffing

    • Walker survivability can be boosted in a variety of ways. Walkers like the Shielding, Sickening, and Obscuring Walker can help block incoming damage from other Walkers. Buffs like Fog Machine, Armor Plating, or Feed the Fodder can give Bonus HP, or temporarily Hide Walkers from being attacked. Debuffing the enemy’s Attack or Crit Rate with cards like Smoke Screen or Tear Gas can also significantly reduce the odds of getting wiped early.

Manage the Combat Grid

In Walker Hordes, the physical layout of the battlefield can be very important in deciding the outcome as the combatants on either side. Keeping aware of the constraints of terrain can help achieve victory.

  • Lanes and Movement

    • As with other game modes, Fighters can attack any target on the field, while Walkers can only attack adjacent targets. Walkers move a certain distance in their lane every turn. If there are no valid targets in their lane, or the lane ahead is blocked by slower units, a Walker may move into an adjacent lane to get closer to their targets. This is important to remember if you are attempting to target a specific enemy with a specific Walker.
  • Terrain Hazards

    • Defensive Teams can set up a variety of Terrain Hazards to help defend their Combatants. Although sometimes Terrain can be avoided altogether, it may be important to attack a particular Fighter directly who is hidden behind Terrain. All terrain has durability, so it can often work out to use weaker Walkers to absorb the effects of Terrain before stronger Walkers are deployed. Certain Walkers are specially equipped for dealing with Terrain as well. The Crushing Walker destroys Terrain quickly, the Resilient Walker is resistant to many Terrain effects; and the Relentless Walker can survive a death-blow for 1 turn, allowing it to attack even through a Claymore!
  • Turrets

    • Many Turrets used by the defending team have specific targeting rules. Learning these rules can help you plan your Walker placement. For example, the Flamethrower will hit the frontmost Walker(s) every turn in a 3x3 area, so it may be good to put high HP walkers in front to shield those behind them. The Mortar, on the other hand, attacks a random Walker with splash damage, so spreading Walkers out helps decrease its effectiveness. Cards like the Crushing Walker or Mechanical Sabotage are great for quickly taking out more troublesome turrets…

Choose Counters

While Walkers are not affected by the trait wheel in this mode, Status Effect counters are still very valuable and should always be considered. Note that as you encounter more complex Defense Teams at higher Leagues, you will also unlock a bigger variety of cards and strategic options.

  • Camouflage

    • Camouflage will make defending Fighters completely invisible to your Walkers (making them unable to move or attack). Using Walkers like the Instinct or Devouring Walker, and Commands like Pepper Spray and Whispered Command can help counter Camouflage from characters like Gator.
  • Bonus HP

    • Defenders having Bonus HP can be very difficult to deal with. It helps Fighters survive longer, making it more likely that they use ARs, and in turn, lengthening their lives even further! As with other modes in the game, status effects like Bleed and Burn can bypass Bonus HP. Cards which cause Heal Reduction will also prevent Bonus HP from being generated. Finally, combining Attack Up and Defense Down cards/abilities can also dramatically increase your damage to chew through that extra HP.
  • Revive

    • While you will still get some points for taking fighters down, you’ll get a lot more if they stay down and out of the fight. To this end, there are a variety of Walkers that can Decapitate the target when they score a kill, and cards like Caustic Shot can prevent revive via Heal Reduction (at least temporarily). A Crawler combined with Blade Attachments showing up right next to a weakened enemy is a great recipe for ensuring a troublesome opponent remains downed!
  • High Opponent Stats

    • Countering High Attack Opponents:

      • A variety of debuff cards like Smoke Screen and Tear Gas can significantly reduce the damage that opponents dish out. Throwing a Sickening Walker or two into the backlines can also increase all other Walker’s survivability if they don’t get targeted. Finally, high-attack characters may regret hitting a Savage Walker, which reflects a large percentage of the damage it takes.
    • Countering High Defense Opponents:

      • Commands like Pepper Spray and Tear Gas are good at lowering the defense of opponents, while increasing the damage of your Walkers’ attacks; especially when combined with attack buffs from cards like Spikes or Whispered Command. Also, as when dealing with Bonus HP, fixed damage effects like Burn, Bleed, Maim, and the Explosive Walker’s damage will deal their full potency regardless of the opponents Defense stats.
  • Adrenaline Rushes

    • Using Walkers and Commands to cause Impair, Stun, Confuse, Taunt, or AP Drain on the enemy is always useful when dealing with enemy rushes. In the latest version of the game, enemy AP bars are visible without bringing up opponent dossiers, so being able to more accurately time your rush-prevention is much easier. Remember that taking damage from Walkers will push a fighter’s AP higher and make them rush faster! It’s also important to keep in mind that Impair and AP Drain will not prevent the use of Active abilities.

Counter Suggestion List


Remove it with:

  • Concussion Grenade
  • Whispered Command
  • Pepper Spray

Attack with:

  • Instinct Walker
  • Devouring Walker

High Damage

Cripple with:

  • Smoke Screen
  • Tear Gas
  • Sickening Walker

Tank it with:

  • Menacing Walker
  • Obscuring Walker
  • Relentless Walker
  • Impenetrable Walker
  • Feed the Fodder
  • Armor Plating
  • Fog Machine

Reflect back with:

  • Savage Walker

Frequent Rushes

Prevent Rushes in general with:

  • Crippling Shot
  • Rock Salt Ammo
  • Distracting Walker
  • Menacing Walker
  • Elusive Walker
  • Vicious Walker

Heavy Revives and Healing

Outdamage with:

  • Terrifying Walker
  • Whisperer
  • Spikes
  • Pepper Spray
  • Tear Gas
  • Caustic Shot
  • Explosive Walker

Prevent Recovery with Decapitate:

  • Blade Attachments
  • Devouring Walker
  • Feral Walker
  • Relentless Walker

Prevent Recovery with Heal Reduction:

  • Determined Walker
  • Suppressing Fire
  • Caustic Shot

Prevent Recovery with Maim:

  • Nail Bomb
  • Maiming Shot

Heavy Bonus HP

Bypass with Bleed / Burn:

  • Spike Walker
  • Roamer
  • Suppressing Fire
  • Flaming Walker
  • Explosive Walker
  • Ignite

Bypass with Maim:

  • Maiming Shot
  • Nail Bomb

Prevent with Heal Reduction:

  • Suppressing Fire
  • Caustic Shot
  • Determined Walker

Problem Turrets and Terrain

Take out with:

  • Crushing Walker
  • Mechanical Sabotage
  • Armor Piercing Shots

Wear out Terrain with expendable walkers:

  • Biter
  • Roamer
  • Flaming Walker

Avoid / remove effects with:

  • Resilient Walker
  • Cleanse
  • Whispered Command


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