Walker Hordes Short-Cuts

Any glitches to help with rewards?

Pretty much impossible now that they have cancelled 2nd Hordes event.

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Not impossible if you’ve stacked up on cans. I’ve been buying them from the league store for a while and am now just 20 battles short of the final pathways milestone.

I’ve just been fleeing most battles. It still counts towards the total you just don’t gain anything from the battle. But after the way Scopely have handled this and with the terrible rewards (as usual) all I’m focusing on is getting those pathways items it doesn’t matter where I place.


Yeah I should have it completed too today

Sorry I mean it will be impossible for the majority. I have also stocked up on horde cans and so will be able to complete it, but I am angered how Scopely are treating their player base.

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Oh I’m not disagreeing with you on that! Time and again they hold back their players by screwing things up and not properly compensating for it. At the very least the number of cans given should have been equal to the amount of free energy we would have gotten in the cancelled event to give people a better chance.

Talk to everyone in your solo league, get them to drop their D and at least you can hammer through the levels and not have to flee.


Easier said than done. A few of us have tried but the majority aren’t responding. Funnily enough those at the top aren’t dropping. A few even have #united in their name. United in not spending but happy to make other players miss out in order to be at the top.


Nah, I won’t do that.
It’s not intended to be selfish, it’s just that I don’t care lol

Funny the top people in my league for milestones are all Russians. Not saying they are hacking.

Why are they trying to make Piper impossible to get without spending? She really isn’t even in the same ballpark with these OP toons

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You might well be mistaking their incompetence for intentional decisions…

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Yeah been saving cans since hordes starting since it such an awful and boring event. Blew a bunch just yesterday in fleeing and it the most fun the event has ever been for me. Figured what the hell am I saving them for if I dont even want to play legitimately. Thought another run at supreme crates was worth it. Big surprise 80 crates opened total and all bennies

Best shortcut is to drop your defense and pray like hell that most of your league is of similar mindset

I am in Russian dominated league and they won’t drop. I figured out my way with some crappy cards but it sucks for most.

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Same here, they and ES & FR players with double Zach, Doc and etc. teams in my division. Even if you ask kindly they pretend to be stupid. Also, I noticed that I always get matched with the same 10 - 15 players.

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