Walker Hordes Pathway

I’m trying to get to 132… how is that possible? I feel like there isn’t enough time. This topic is for GOOD advice… not to open the flood gates of crazy.

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Fleeing counts

0 fun though :roll_eyes:


Thats the same as playing, i played aince it started and used 6 cans and im around 60

canssss required

An incredible tolerance for boredom also required. This is yet another grind grind grind event. Sadly, though one of the community managers previously stated that testing your own hordes defense would count towards this goal it does not. So yeah, buy some cans or miss out on this reward and buy the lucilles instead. Cha-ching!!

It looks like the calendar was updated and they may be adding another hordes tourney before the Pathways event expires. If that’s true you ONLY (ahem) need to get 66 battles this tourney and 66 more next tourney.

subject to.change the calendar

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