Walker hordes. Old school 5* really

So all you needed to do was make it so you couldn’t use s class toons. But no you guys restricted it to 5*

Helllooooo no one has 5* other than the 1 turn team people use for arenas. No one keeps 5* any more really as we dont have enough fodder to level them for the fun of it, and then keep them and not use them as 1 of the 16 5* we need to level the toons to cash in for S Class

Play your own game ffs

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I have dozens of 5*s…but I’m a hoarder…get it? HOARDer!!! Bwahaha…I slay myself!


I love this idea. Will make it more enjoyable. Just use the teams you use for old school arena


I kept 1 of each 5* and I enjoy old school, so I think this is a good move and should level the playing field a bit in terms of walkers Vs toons.

Just having to examine my roster because I can’t remember which ones were best for walkers :laughing:


Actually 5* will just make it easier for everyone doewnt matter if you defend really. Just matters if you have been getting the hordes cans for the last year

I’m actually excited about this hordes

Im surprised they didn’t make the rewards awesome just to drain everybody’s cans to be honest

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Even with the best 5* defense, I doubt anyone will make much defends…

5*s are very limited in terms of what defense they can set. No doubt walker stats will be reduced, but certain effect cards will still remain powerful. (Eg: Heal reduction, defense down, bleed damage)

I would have preferred for them to limit defenses to 6*s, but buff the effect types of zombies.

crys with my Marlon and rosie

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Good. Will make WH more fun. No one wants to face OP 6* teams with ridiculous 5* weapons.
Anyway does it really matter if your team gets defends or not?
As i can remember alot of players dropped D.


Laughs in “A Larger World” Michonne

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Additional points for successful defences

Dropped defense is the way to go in hordes :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember the the first few hoard events when they didn’t have any way of really telling people how it all worked. Took me forever to figure out I could set a defense and I know I wasn’t alone because I was slaying really bad auto def left and right.

My 2 sherry are ready for hord

As a hard core Hordes hater, am happy with this change.
I want to spend the least possible time on this and be able to get the milestones. Now hope they won’t nerf the heck out of those walkers.

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7 characters

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that is not a 5 stat team