Walker Hordes, Introduction & Gameplay

Quick intro and some gameplay of the upcoming game mode in the 19.0 update, ‘Walker Hordes’

This is a new tournament type that seems to be solo with some faction elements but gear purely towards league placing only (no regional placing) this may change when live, however.

The cards you pull for each tournament reset at the beginning of the next one (they do NOT carry over) so strategy will be based on the cards you are dealt and will possibly change from tournament to tournament.

What are your first impressions of Walker Hordes?

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Did some extended gameplay on my last stream where I went through prizes (in beta, may change) and also went through and tested all terrain types and walker options available in the Beta. Starts at 1:31:02 in the stream.

It looks like Beta will have a faction tournaments too as I saw some of them being tested in the beta regions and also it has milestones as well something which I missed in my original video.

I played it in the beta and my takeaway from it was that it’s not terrible.

Rewards better be a whole lot better and it was super easy to win. I’m sorta confused that cards aren’t permanent and collectable because they would be an easy money maker for scipley. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would actually spend during a tournament outside of the small percentage of people who spend no matter what without a permanent deck.

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I guess it can be kind of compared to raid energy perhaps, more flawless victories will net you more points.

Energy did work exactly like a raid at least in the beta. You started off with 6 attacks and each one took 45 min to regen.

You also did earn more points the better you did. I didn’t put much work into my beta account so I think I am only in the silver division there and like I said I found it to be far too easy. By my third match, I just kept repeating the exact same plan over and over and I won with max points.

No one ever attacked me so I couldn’t tell if I had set up a good defense or not. Funny thing is the only time I lost was from testing my own defense once or twice.

I also am not sure if all my matches were against other beta players or perhaps there were bots as well.

I think it will do well for them this first weekend but I don’t see the mode really having any staying power down the line. It gets old quick so they really need to make sure the rewards are worth the grind but we know they rarely are so there’s that.

I also think they really dropped the ball by making the decks only last for that specific tournament. Again why would people pay real money out of pocket just for a single tournament? I know I am going to be just fine with the ones I earn over time.

What’s your take on it? I look forward to your video after this weeks launch.


At the top level it will come heavily down to cards you draw, some of them being almost undefendable (which will promote that spending)

I think some tweaks will be needed after mass testing, I see issues currently regarding AP gain and think that def teams should gain 10AP/turn even if they don’t attack to combat stealth & also turn skip exploitation - where you lay down a lot of command cards (I think they are called command cards) and skip turn for max dog tags.

Gold and below seems to be the most interesting in terms of card power vs. def team limitations. It’s a shame I will probably never experience that though as platinum is full 6* teams and legendary cards mixed in.

proof will be in the pudding as they say, I do however like it is raid energy regen times so it won’t seem like a chore compared to SR.


Is will be there trailer for all player before event start ? I should do event without even know how to do it


Take a look at @Lockdown youtube channel. He makes some pretty good vids and here is one he made on hordes during the beta.

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It looks really dumb lol

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there is a practice section where you can attack against your own team to get a feel for it