Walker Hordes: Horde points and matchmaking

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really enjoying this new game mode. After years of playing this game we can finally use walkers as weapons against teams. One thing I am question is how do people have 1 million horde points already. I’m at 90 thousand and the top player is my leaderboards is 130 thousand. The match making is so terrible for me because every time I come across a team they have 1-4 revive characters with absolute defense and they already have 1 million+ horde points. Also the milestones are pretty bad because I’ve only gotten one pull and I know some people that haven’t even earned any tokens for the new stash. Those aspects of the 1-4 absolute defense revives and the people with 1 mil points and matchmakings just mind boggles me. Anyways what are all of your opinions?


It’s just another visual error, this game mode has come with several different ones apparently :joy: like here is the guy in my division with over 3 million points, but he actually is in 1st with 270k


Same thing with me, i never get a match below 1m, but we all know it is done delibrately to put you off balance :wink:


yep I love hordes they are amazing!

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