Walker Hordes Event - [July 25]

In the current Walker Hordes Event, you may encounter an issue where facing certain teams will cause your game to crash.

This is a known issue by the team, however, they won’t be able to deploy a fix while this instance of the event is running and furthermore, we will have to cancel next week’s Walker Hordes as a consequence.

We understand the frustration this may cause and therefore, as compensation for the players, we have sent 3x Walkers Hordes Energy refills.

Update: We will be sending shortly 40 extra Lucilles as a compensation for the inconvenience caused.



Good luck with pathways, survivors xD



Good luck getting Piper now survivors, keep on surviving!


So that must be the best defence for hordes? Kicking an enemy straight out of the game? Cool.

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Well that is just fkn great… How can something that hasn’t had any updates, now be broken?


Well it had an update. They had to fix it so attacking your own Def wouldn’t give you points in pathways. They fixed it so hard that now you have only one shot at that 132 battles milestone.

But hey, three energy cans! xD


“This is a known issue by the team”
If is a known issue why you guys just don’t FIXED or even tested the game before the event starts??? Lmaaaaaaaao it’s absolutely unreal how you guys don’t care about your players.
Also this maybe explain why you guys never fix the territory crash.
“We know all the game issues but we are too lazy spending our time creating OP toons”.


So how do you suppose people achieve the 132 walker horde battles now? In less than 24 hours (as your message was posted after the event started)! Oh wait, it’s ok, I have just seen that we can buy cans in the offers section… thank god I have the option to pay money on behalf of your actions. Surely the pathways targets for hordes should be halved as a result of this? If not that, then some other reasonable solution other than giving us a few cans. The cans are great as it shows you are looking at compensating players for issues now but you MUST get them right (taking everything into account that is affected by the issue at hand, this being a perfect example) otherwise the ‘compensation’ is just taken as a slap in the face


Can you extend the current event then? Or reduce the milestones for pathways? Or give us more refills or reduce the can refresh cost in the league store?

It’s a joke that you put a milestone in for an event you didn’t even have the courtesy to run for the first three weeks and then when you did run it, put it up for a ridiculously short time and it’s broken.

It’s not fair that if we want piper we now have to spend money. It was supposed to be workable for free, right? So that is moving the goalposts. Shameful.


This is hilarious. What a joke. So you won’t do anything for us regarding Pathways then, these 3 cans should cover us for losing out on 24 hours of Hordes or minimum 54 Hordes battles?

Since #playersunited every single situation when given a chance to do the right thing you’ve missed the mark. It’s obvious there is no player first mentality and there never will be.


So if you know the issue is against certain teams, can you tell us what that is so we can avoid it?

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Falha em tudo que vocês colocam a mão e um time de perdedor mesmo

Hahahahaha it’s almost too funny to be true. Scopely messing up event after event since #PU started. Almost like they’re doing it on purpose…

Gl with reaching Pathway collections now everybody!



People complain on the minor crash problem. The drawback is huge. I disagree the crashes affect mush gaming experience (at least for me) nor the cancelling the next week’s hordes.

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The quality control department is not doing their job or there is no such department.


Give everyone piper.


If you would have run a damn walker horde before the last week maybe you would have had time to fix it jesus what is with you guys


Because they can’t provide a bug free game they decide to cancel the second walker hordes. :laughing:

They also think 3 lousy cans is proper compensation. Try giving every player at least 60 if not all 100 broken bats and then do us a favor and then put Hordez right next to Onslaught in the never to return pile. Thanks.

If you won’t give us the bats then run the second Hordez even with the bugs. I don’t see you taking down Territories and that crashes all the time and eats our energy to boot. At least the hordez crash doesn’t do that.

Keep Surviving :clown_face:!


Where’s the HR department at so I can file a complaint about being abused by scopes?