Walker Hordes Battles

Yea I just noticed…

Still doesn’t change the fact this game mode is horrible.

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It still can’t be done on free energy. All free energy across the hordes will give you 96, you have to find any extra 24. That doesn’t include 8 hour sleep or a time period over 3 hours where you have to sit on 6/6.

‘That’s the same for raid though’. True, there’s refills. But you could raid anytime at your own pace. For the hordes missions you must get all 120 done in the allocated 48 hours which compounds the issue.

And as mentioned above, the game mode really isn’t hitting six cylinders if you’re burning cans to lose. Which, as a diamond player, is standard both inside and outside of Pathways


I’m okay with canning. It’s been forever since the last horde. Players should have been diligent and bought them in the store.

But this game mode is so flawed that it’s laughable. Everything has to do with the cards and whether you get them or not.


my game keeps crashing every time i try to attack


Way to make unreachable missions scopely. Territories mission and hordes missions going incomplete. What a waste of time. Grind grind grind just to get close to finishing one of those three. Not to mention having only one hordes event for the whole month. Well done, smh.


Notice they waited until the very end to provide us with an actual hordez event and it’s also quite laughable that at first, it was just a single 24-hour one then they “gifted” us with a second 24 hour one.

Are they really that desperate for us to spend 125 coins to refresh the depot? Why couldn’t this just run from now until Sunday night? Worst company of all time. No contest.


Here comes all the crybabies. just open cards and hope you get good walker toons and the missions will be a piece of cake

Sad news but they had to lay off the quality control team because not enough people are pulling 40’s right now. :wink:

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Lol used 7 cans only at 48 completed. Need atleast 20 cans to complete all 3. Not likely

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Its done that a few times. Haven’t lost energy at least.

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Everyone should of been buying cans in the league store. I know i have enough cans to do it

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I’ve been saving up cans but just 48 hours to do it at the very back end of the event is poor planning imo. Everything else could be done throughout the month.

I actually do like the concept of hordes but 3 main flaws which impede the mode:

  • There’s a discrepancy in success between attack and defence. At the start, defence nearly always wins because you start off with only one good card if you’re lucky. It only evens out day 2 (which there isn’t in these ones). Straight out the door everyone throws up their best Gen2 time-out revive, heal, def up, guardian brick wall team while you have what? A rare AP down walker?

  • No search opponent button. I can set myself aside an hour to get my 2400 raid milestone. If I don’t like the look of a team I can skip it. Hordes there’s no sitting down at one time and getting it done because there’s 7 minute waits if an opponent sucks. Not needed and just makes me lose interest in scoring high

  • The walkers stats are static and coded for Gen1 teams. The meta has zoomed forward into Gen2 where walkers can’t scratch them. I don’t imagine what they can do vs S-class toons. Hordes will become outdated and potentially unplayable unless Scopely moves walker stats along as well.


I’ll try and find the ss, but I believe he said he thinks it will count

They need to make the card packs renew much faster. Especially in a 24 hour event.

I havent ran across a Pete, but I can’t imagine how the walkers can kill him with the bonus hp every round.


Good for you bro.

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Big problem is Scopely never scale down for short events. A la the old 4200 raid milestone in a 24 hour raid. They make changes and ignore the butterfly effects.

Which is it, spend or don’t spend?

They are not smart enough to see the issues with their poor decisions.

Looks like I’m set for this event

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Are the milestones :fire: boosted, or is this another event it’s not possible for like crw was.