Walker horde teams


With the walker horde coming later this month, it’s time to start setting up walker teams. Post below what team concoctions you have made.


5 revives


Trust me, you’ll want attack characters for your defence. Revive won’t do much if all the walkers are there to kill again.


Here’s my current defence for it. Had to get a large bonus to AP when attacking leader, so chose her. The others do damage to groups of walkers, which I think will be handy.


We’re gonna need a 3rd team option. Main defence, friendly defence, walker defence. And an option to test these teams ourselves.


There is an option to test the Walker defence.


Cool! I skimmed through the… thing… post. I’m still half asleep i need a minute.


Test defence right there at the bottom.


Thinking about this. Double bonus HP/revive/heals and guardian.


Can only use 2 6 stars if they keep it like this.


Balls! This may work then


if this is the testing defense update they referred to in a previous post, i am not happy.


It depends on what league you’re in. I imagine diamond would let 3 or 4 6* as you’ll be fighting higher tier hordes


Ah yeah that does make sense. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Here’s what I’ve cooked up. Need to get some AP on my green weapons, but otherwise it’s pretty solid


Dont know much bout def team…but I need these damn walker cards available in card packs when this event comes…

  1. Super fast moving walker we find in late sr green stun stages.
  2. Slow moving super tough tanks w helmets with GREATEST chance to reduce dmg to zero and even if u crit them they just pop their helmet off…and still walks

Rest are kinda bearable xD



i am shook. @High_Power made a serious post


alright guess i’ll put my team
for my lead a 4* rick who gives 12 crit to all(i have no crit leads), guardian zeek, dwight, eric, and a new threat gov.