Walker horde new event rewards

Have we gotten walker horde since the new event started? Are we gonna get a walker horde to try and get them rewards?

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@Jackass123 - As per ⚔️ Tournament Calendar, there will be a Solo Walker Hordes starting today (Wed 5:00 pm - Thu 5:00 pm).


shame how it starts at 1am in uk tho

But it is 24 hours long, so everyone has equal chance. The only modest benefit you have being awake is that you can open your initial card packs and then the timers tick down while you sleep. Don’t get me wrong, as a UK based player myself I would prefer it to start earlier - but it will be always be 1am somewhere in the world when it starts…

true. that it im type ing the rest because it has to be more than 7 characters

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