Walker hoards not manageable

The new s class makes it pretty much impossible to win. If you introduce a new class of toon maybe think more of how it affects the rest of the game.


I haven’t been beaten yet Pete just gives you no chance, rewards are the worst so I wouldn’t worry, play something else🤗


for those rewrads I just gave myself 2 days off, 3 burts ain’t worth it

half of platinum dont seem to care too, no defence up

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You guys are horrible spokesmen for scopely.

What say you scopely? Fair or not?

The only way I’ll get milestones is if I keep getting defends :joy: I’d lower if other players in my diamond league do, but I cannot actuallt win anything yet.


So what you are saying is exactly the reason they didnt want to bring Hordes back then everyone says we dont care if its shit show bring Hordes back now here we are lol

You just have to make everything match the meta. Trainers, roadmaps, events, items, etc…

Maybe it’s not as profitable.

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