Walker Hoardes ending early

Why would you guys end it early and mess a bunch of people up from meeting the requirements for what they have worked so hard for??? Get your game together Scopely, this is why people are quitting and walking away from it. To many bugs and errors on your part

Didn’t notice it ending early seemed the clock was right

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It stopped at 7:50 pm eastern and wasn’t suppose to stop until 8 pm. So 10 minutes early and some people missed the completion of the event by 1 and now they can’t get it because it ended early

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This company fricks up EVERYTHING they touch.


It did end 10 minutes before the hour but I remember the clock being on single digits near the end

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The timer clearly indicated that the hordes were ending 10 to the hour so whats the problem now?


Because its an oddball time. Never before has a tournament NOT ended at the top of the hour. THATS the problem.

Don’t wait until the last minute to do something. If you wanted it completed, spend a can, get it done.

You can’t trust this company to do anything right. You need to plan for every screw up.


I noticed the early ending 15 minutes earlier.

And coz of that, I burned cans but at the end I was just 1 battle to reach next milestone.

And actually my last battle ended just a few seconds after the end time.

Ahhhh… Murphy’s law.

Mickey Mouse company, sorry but tell me another game company that runs their tournaments like this garbage. Not only you deprived 1 extra tournament for your event, then you find more ways to screw people even more by really setting an end time 10 minutes at the top of the hour? Very well played dickbags.

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Not a single person should be complaining! We all saw the timer and when it ended, end of story

Did not end early for me??!!

Starting a 8 pm and duration is 24 hours, it ending at 7:50 pm is the problem meaning it was 23 hours and 50 mins causing some to fall short on the requirement. And for those who it didn’t seem to end early for then thats awesome, at least you got yours in

This is from the announced schedule of events:

That’s for west coast I’m on East so mine would be 8 to 8, thanks for verifying the 24 hours though

Always subject to change and it was the same time entire event.

Although it did end 10 minutes early, The timer clearly was correct and showed that it was going to end 10 minutes early. You had every opportunity to finish the battles that you needed to. The event did not just end and still have 10 minutes left on the timer. It ended when the timer hit 0, which was 10 minutes before the hour.

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