Walker herds need major balancing (Beta Testing)


You guys need to CAP revives in hoard mode, not let diamond league players use all of their arsenal, the game is wildly imbalanced currently and needs to have whats happening in gold/silver leagues all over the event

unless there are better walker/whisperer cards coming later on it is somewhat impossible to kill a lydia team with ab def/bonus HP combos


Sounds like quite the challenge…does decap help at all?


I don’t think there is a decap walker pal


That’s what he is trying to get at walkers need to deal more damage and need certain abilities


Then what motivation will diamond players have to compete in this event? Just because you can’t beat some teams doesn’t mean you need to demand that it become easier. Use beta to learn about the event and develop strategies. There is always going to be someone stronger/better than you, that’s part of the game.


There is a ability that lets a group of walkers decapitate


It’s quite simple, just aquire skill


Looks like there’s already decapitate walkers planned.


no such thing as balance, unless you pay yo, then you’re above it


OK that I didn’t know thanks for letting
Me know good sir!


There is one


There is a decap walker as shown above, and there is also an item that grants walkers of your choosing the decap skill.


Thanks again @GHOSTONMETOAST and @RedReaper didn’t know because I ain’t in beta region thanks for the dossier aswell big help


Glad to help.


@Samuel1 because not enough people repeated what was already said a few times i thought i would help out… Theirs already a decap walker :smirk:


Decap walker cards :open_mouth:bet tons are about to place take my money memes :smiling_imp::joy:


Thanks for the update that there still is s decap walker and haven’t got rid of it @How2Zombies


no, there are decap walkers, they have a lot of useful skills but when you are playing against lets say my defense, my revives will bonus hp very quickly, my attacking toon will deal alot of damage, your walkers will be depleted via turretts before they get to hit you, ofcourse you can use camo to get closer but at a cost of decap and extra stuff/walkers. the point is lower leagues whilst not competing against diamond leagues get a cap on their teams whilst diamond does not.

ive won many fights on it but the likes of lydia and gabe teams were just too op in its current form, something needs to be done to even get close to hurting one of them


It’s still in beta.

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