Walker Head Tokens,Good or Bad?

Your thoughts on walker head tokens?

  • They are Great!
  • I do not care.
  • They are trash and should be removed!

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Good concept, horrible delivery and method of how to obtain per usual of Scopely.


Terrible tokens, it cost (without offers) about $5 per pull, but very horrible odds.

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Stop showing that there is a chance at good stuff REEEEEEE



20 pulls and got 3-5*, one asendable and a 6* so not that worse in my opinion

I swear that Pepe,gives me a good laugh when I see him.


Did 20 pulls got 19 x 4 stars and Ascendable Chris so not too bad for me.


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Why would an f2p player vote for the trash option? Should be I don’t care lol.

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Why wasting for 97% oods for a 4*, at least the heartbreak tokens gives u 5*…

Not wasting my money on this type of “new” wheels… The winter wheels or the victory gives u some boost, this type of wheels sucks

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I pulled red beta last night from there. It’s a bounce back from the 30 pull I did for Wayland on that I got 29 4* and 1 worthless 5*

I’m F2P so I don’t know

I’ve been doing 30 day since it started so I’ve been eliminated from that category for a long time

Because it’s not good

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But they wouldn’t spend even if it was good if they are f2p no?

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I think it’s time for you to leave.