Walker Head Tokens are amazing!

I’ve spent less than 50 bucks too, lol. This is great!

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U r so lucky, i did 100 pulls and i didn’t get any ascendable or legendary


97% for a 4* is a bad deal, these are the new 3*… by far one fo the worst wheel


Great pulls! Congrats. Ill take whatever freebies and not spend on a 3% wheel

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Oh damn. Wish I could give you one of these toons, I don’t have enough medals for them or bennies lmao

What does this mean?

Thank you!

A year ago a 40 pull gives you 35-37 useless 3*, a 2-3 4* and IF you were lucky you could pull a 5*, so basically today’s 4* is the comparative to the 3* that we obtained from the pulls… for my experience… keep away from pulls…

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5 Stars (Non ascendable) are still rare lol

Pretty sure that was over a year ago. A year ago we had only 4 stars and up in the premier wheel.

Must be new!

Cause that doesn’t happen when you played for a while


trying to make us spend money smh

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Nah, don’t get hooked man. Stay away.

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I did like 13 or 14 pulls and got red beta. But in a way it’s doesn’t matter because I don’t even have 300 gold medals haha

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Pretty amazing wheel.

image image image !)


Oof. At least you got bennies

Aris is actually good despite what people say, dunno about Chris though, people tell me he’s good

Ill find out after this level up

Sorry to see that.

Whenever there’s post about how great their pull on a certain wheel are they’re immediately nerfed by the management.