Walker ahead tokens scam

If you watch the wheel for the new Walker Head Tokens, it starts with ascended alpha and ends with 5* Ezekiel. But if you pull you can also get a 4*. Do not bother pulling, good old scopely scammers. I would have not purchased the tokens for a pull knowing I could possibly get a 4*. Guess what response I got from Scammly about this issue. “You have the chance of getting a 4* and we’ll take it to the team” thanks a lot scopely!


The odds clearly state 4* - 92% chance. People will still spend.


It does not show on the wheel as an attainable toon. I watched the whole wheel looking for a 4*

Check the odds before you waste your money


I got this.

Better than nothing.


I got 4 star Valerie…

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I mean what’s the point of showing what you can win if they are not going to be showing on the wheel? The odds are always the same. I just assumed 95% chance for a non ascendable 5* especially for the high price of $4.99

It’s pretty clear…


Not to mention that it costs roughly the same to get 25 walker head pulls as it does 40 premier pulls, with the only benefit aside from a slightly different character pool being that your chance of getting an ascendable 5 star goes from 1% to 2%.

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You can’t be serious.

Watch the whole wheel. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the tiny question mark. There is not a single 4* showing on thereZ. Starts with alpha ends with Ezekiel. In the past they always have shown all options.

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They’ve actually deviated away from that in regards to the 4s, for the reason that there’s so many 4s you can pull and they’re not particularly sought out anymore.

Odds were provided to give the most accurate representation of the odds, I’d use that over anything.


I had no idea. In the past couple weeks they’ve shown the 4* chances on the wheel for other token events such as this one.

It’d be nice if they put some of the unreleased 4 stars/5 stars in these token wheels, just to make pulls somewhat varied (4 Star Jeremy, 5 star yellow dwight etc.)

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They have shown odds this way for months now. Its on all the rmg crates and wheels. I always look before i bother. The wheel is going to show you the top tier stuff. They arent going to feature the 4s. All the wheels do not show every toon it. You can get 5 not shown on the premiere wheel.

will not be buying !

I am too poor for gambling my life into this game ahaha!

I watched the wheel and it does show 4* chuck on there lol

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May the odds be ever in your favor


Tbh i don’t think ive ever seen anyone with a ryker. I forgot he was even a premier toon lol


Why didn’t you click the ? Symbol to see the odds?

You must be new to the game.