Walk away or fight for what's mine

Account got hacked a couple of days ago. Scopely, to my surprise, was able to transfer my account back to me twice but the hacker keeps taking it back regardless of what security measures I took on my FB account. Support, instead of working with me, as usual, to fix the problem and update their security measures, started with cut and paste responses, not wanting help. Should I just walk away after 3 yrs and never look back, or keep fighting for what’s mine, after all I spent and put into my account.

hiw does someone just hack your account, I’m guessing VK

emulators are known to jack accounts too

Guess again buddy. If it was a VK account, I wouldn’t even bother and just go get another one.


How would it gain access to my account though?

If I were you I’d run like hell, get out of this shit show lol


You don’t own anything in this game even if you have “spent crazy amounts”. They can help you to get back your account but it isn’t their responsibility.

Go into your Fb settings, end all connections to devices you don’t know. There you also see if some unknown device has access. When all devices who have logged in are disconnected then change your passwords.


Get your account back. Then nuke it and let the hackers have at it.


I vote walk away. Maybe it’s a sign…

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That’s actually what I was planning, but support started being punks again telling me that they can’t do nuffin about it. Just have to get the right person to help me and it’s over.

Or ya know stop using emulators?

I don’t even know that is but if you say so.

Easy peasy, just link it to another facebook account


Want to do that but Scopely support stopped being helpful.

Anyone know what exactly they mean by this in regards to the account I want transferred back and the account I currently have: I reviewed your account and have found that these accounts are not from the same location.

It means the account is in use at a different location than your device.

Tell them it’s got hacked that’s why, keep trying that’s ur only hope

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