Wake Up Scopely!

It’s turning into a mess with constant packs, events which you can’t even play because you have to actually pay real money for, when everything should be achievable in game. The raids are all one sided, unless you live in china with an unlimited source of income, you’re literally screwed. The monthly subscription is a joke, £22.99 a month for a free toon and no parts needed for crafting, its like seriously milking us for every penny. Its also all loot boxes, wheels and the prestige system is shot; ive been stuck on 11 for about 2 years and have logged in every day (oh wait unless i pay for some more prestige packs!!) sort out your game scopely before things get worse, and word gets round that your game is just a microtransactional mess… oh wait.


What’s people in China got to do with it?
I’m more worried about people on Russian servers.


Usually games like this have an influx of Chinese players whales as they’re called like most mmos or free to play games.

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When in doubt…


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