Waiting for Kal 6*

Hi, does anyone knows the stats of Kal 6*?. The waiting is killing me lol

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Nope probably be dissapointing…cuz i dont have him lol

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atk = 1745
def = 1590
vit = 1640

Leader Skill: all old ascendable will be hidden until August


Of all the ones promised for “early” 2018 did anyone else besides the Gov. have a leaked card? I can’t remember if there was one for Lori or Eugene. I do remember Kai did not have a card. Not sure who else was on the list. I really need to save it.


Lori leaked also lemme find a picture

Only have to wait until early two thousand infinity.

Lori definitely leaked


Connor had a card, can’t find it right now though…
Maybe in the thread with Bruce etc?

its og blue aaron. not green.

Nope it’s the green one

No it’s definitely green one. Idk why they chose him but whatever it’s not like most people had either anyways.

anyone got the official list? coulda swore it was aaron with no moniker or title. if it is indeed him then big ups for the correction.

The question is will his -30 AP Down :strong: weapon be translated into an improved version, replaced completely, or turned into a default weapon :thinking:

Will probally end up like this. The specialist skill will be ap drain (for the current weapon ) rush will be 275% damage to 2 enemies taunt for 2 turns and +30hp healing to all. :grin:

Haha yeah, i’ve being thinking about. It would be great that the active skill not be a protector, it’s a good skill but I think there are betters. I would like to see in action with shiva and Vincent as leader, mofing everyone one … Is crazy