Wait and see....close to moving on


So I am reading the forums here regularly now. Mainly because the game has seemed to grind to a standstill. There are a lot of constructive feedback from players here to improve the quality of the game. I’m sitting on the fence about quitting. I am not going to bad-mouth anyone or call names. I have spent 2 years on this game and it is not keeping up with what should be regular easy updates to the gameplay, rewards and so forth. A game this mature should be offering a better player experience to the long term players.

That said the next month-3 months are Critical as to where I will spend my time and money. If there aren’t improvements to gameplay it might just be time to move on. There is no way it takes a year to come up with new world levels. No reason a promo like the first anniversary raids weapons parts/ token drop can’t be repeated. And so on. Read the suggestions and make a series of small incremental changes…

More world maps
Update radio RM
Change the token wheels

If each one is done indiviually on sequencial updates it would show that the dev team is actively trying to work on the game and that they haven’t given up.

Read the reasonable suggestions by the players in the feedback forums. Maybe not go all out but do something to show you care and want our continued business.


Very well put. I am in the same boat, just keep hoping things change.


That’s pretty much where I am. I think the game is fantastic but most of the new features have been a bit meh. SR is ok but I end up getting too much wood and have the three toons in the depot so I tend to just play tourneys now. Territories are useful for 5* tokens but as a feature it hasn’t really worked. 6* are fine but we need the gear to level up more easily and more toons. This is a real must for the next 3 months. Events have been mixed - the Christmas robots one was rubbish, a lot of work for virtually no reward but the Wyatt event was fine for example - CRW hasn’t really worked but war generally is still very good. Level Ups are way too frequent with milestones that need changing. Still lots of positives but without the gear and toons to keep things interesting I will just fade away. No big fuss but one day I’ll not bother logging in, then it’ll be two days and eventually I’ll be like I am with Candy Crush and Clash of Clans - I might log in if I have finished everything else but that’ll be once a month at best.


Same here. I’ve been debating with myself for a while now about quitting. I keep hoping that Scopely will do something to improve the game but my hope is pretty much gone. I’ve told some faction members that if nothing new comes out by the end of this month then I’m quitting. It’s just a shame cause I really did enjoy playing this game. I was here when the game got released and even received a package from Scopely cause I helped them get the game launched. I really hate seeing such a great game die.


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Same as you guys. Top 3 factions have players leaving. We are waiting till next month to see if we get any improvement. People are just competing in faction tournaments to be higher than rival faction. Not for rewards hehe. So damn depressing to see best buddies leaving. Only thing that makes me play are friends on line.


Same boat here, my friend.

There has even been a few events I haven’t even bothered in. The CRW just gone was an event that could have turned things around. I was the MVP in my faction for said war. But got to around tea time on Sunday afternoon, and I stopped. It got too boring, I had obviously told my guys my reasons for stopping, and a couple of them felt the same way.

The next few months are deffo critical in what I do with my game time now. Used to spend countless hours per day on game, and that time has been dropping a bit. Even played the PS4 this weekend for the first time in around 6 months.

It’s such an easy fix as well, and even here on the forums it has gone dramatically downhill. People have genuine issues and concerns which are going unanswered, time spent banning and closing down threads seems to be the norm now.


No surprise here. A lot of games aren’t designed to retain their players after 1-2 years, especially on mobile due to limitations. While part of the problem usually lies in how quickly the appeal/concept of the game gets old, there’s simply so much more options in the market that there’s no need for someone to limit themselves to just 1 game.


A lot of games have an end though - one group/faction/player defeats all of the others and ‘wins’ for example. RTS is open ended and the additions to gameplay have been designed to keep us playing beyond the 1-2 year limit. I’ve been playing since the beginning and it is still the first game I go to when I wake up - my enthusiasm is still there for this game as it is one of the best designed games available and is still very playable but it feels as if Scopely is taking my loyalty for granted and assumes I will sit around and wait months and months for bits of gear to level up my handful of 6* toons. The fact is I won’t. If I cannot advance then what is the point? Spending hours and hours for 5* tokens so I can pull a toon worth 1/8 of a 6* that I cannot take to the highest level is making me realise the futility of spending my time and money on this game.


I stopped spending money on this game in the summer of 2017. I refuse to put anymore money into this game until I see some improvements.


Expect innovative things like neutralize 6*s, shields, 45ar toons… Oh wait, we already had that, but game went to 2015. They are not improving anything, buffing stats and 6s are lazy move for milking money from people, adding second ar (active skill) is not a quality move either.


Some games can continue with an “open end” if new, meaningful content is being created that actually changes how the game is played. With RTS, it’s merely a new character or so that’s locked behind a paywall most of the time. That doesn’t really challenge players to try and improve every time new content is being released. From time to time, we get something new like Faction Assault, but it hasn’t been too different from SR if you think about it.

Games that I’ve played that does a good “open end” would be like Runescape or Dragonnest. Runescape would release new mini-games that provide rewards that even end-game players would need or enjoy, while providing new/intermediate players a new way to play the game. Dragonnest would release a new level cap, with new gear and ways to play the game, and so on. Those games I’ve mentioned are on the PC, not mobile, so there’s certain barriers of limitations.


To add on to my previous post.

I like to mention “limitations of mobile gaming” a lot because I think the general consensus with mobile gaming is that it’s severely limited based on how far the developers can actually push the game in terms of innovation, especially when most F2P mobile games are heavily monetized. Aside from monetization wise, there’s primarily the limitation based on controls. Some of the controls of mobile gaming is extremely weird and not that fun when you have to do rapid actions. (Part of why the Switch is such a success).

So in terms of innovation for RTS, there’s not much they can do aside from creating new characters, events, or mechanics. In most RPG games, introducing a new “level cap” is usually how you add content to the game. With the game being self reliant on monetization, they can’t possibly do a new “level cap” any time soon or at all without alienating much of the player base.

I don’t know… I’ve just been playing Fortnite so much recently and that’ve made me realized that I enjoy unexpected victories better than expected victories. The randomness and unexpectedness of how a game would play out was why I enjoyed games like League of Legends, where there’s a certain “heat of the moment.” Mobile gaming doesn’t have that really; you get that last 5 minutes snipe from time to time, but a lot of the game depends on pre-planning, where even a slight mistake doesn’t really make much of a difference. There’s not much joy in knowing I can win 1st in a solo LU because I have enough resources to put up 20Mil points, while I can at least take joy in outplaying opponents in a fight like Fortnite. Just my $0.02.


Don’t just sit on the fence and waste time hoping for change. Just do as many has done and just leave and uninstall the game. Take a snapshot of your account id just in case you decide to return. You’ll feel good after your first day off of the game. Sometimes it’s best to listen to your inner voice when it tells you something for the better.