Waist tool pack


I can’t get any and I only nee 1


Right now it’s only showing as being available at Home Mart and Elite Items wheel.


also get them in the Supply Depot


U guys should lower the difficulty in the road map to get them because it’s a++ but I’m a++ and even with a max 5 star faction support I can’t beat the human stages I ussally beat 1 wave and die


EVEn with those and salts and gernades I’ll get luck to be on the last wave


Got diamond weapons made for humans I got a healer and I need waist packs and other gear from this road map to do so


use only yellows and blues on those missions. reds and greens get rekt. plus a healer will help and a def buff person will help as well. But ONLY use YELLOW’S and BLUE’s


Healers, healers, and defense buffs for humans, crit, crit, and crit buffs for walkers. That’s the trick to it all.



In human stages you’ll need to use nerve and tear gas vials. They only affect a line of enemies so use 2 of each at the beginning of every wave. You’ll be able to craft them yourself and you can carry 10 of each. Ration them so they last all 5 waves. Nerve gas grenades and tear gas grenades are better than the vials as they affect the whole group and do damage as well but they can be difficult to get hold of. Follow through with a regular grenade and you should have very few problems finishing the enemy off.

Once the enemy has been weakened, you can start getting them out of the way. Use fast (yellow) teammates against tough (blue) enemies and tough (blue) teammates against alert (red) enemies.

Healers help, so do revive toons. Make sure you stick to fast and tough teammates. Take the best you have, grab the strongest weapons and pick up a good ally as well.

Zombies stages require a completely different strategy. You will need to go in with a crit leader (4 star Kelly, 4 star Molly, 4 star Michonne come to mind). Only use characters with specific traits behind one of leaders mentioned above. For example; if you go with Kelly, pick only alert (red) teamates as her boost only affects alert characters. Pick + crit weapons, the higher the number the better. The power of the weapon does not matter but how much crit it gives you does. Do not use adrenaline rushes, they are useless in walker stages, unless it’s something that will give you a further crit boost. And start off each wave with a nitric oxide or shaprshooter item, depending on who you pick as lead.

Good luck and grab yourself that waist tool pack next time okay?


I do it pretty much the same way but i only use 1 red vial (top line) then 2 blue vials on the other 2 lines, once the top line is gone i put a red vial on the bottom line. That leaves me with the middle person left.