VSauce Michael next promo


Dunno why he has beserker instead of indomitable, but he looks pretty good.

Looks kinda annoying

Meh. Trash.

They clearly are doing a refresh with the new stats increase to lower effectiveness of the last year’s promos.

His rush is basically Garrett.



I would say he is great, but the specialist skill is a waste. At least the weapon is great.

I might pull for him just because he looks like VSauce

Why his hp at 2.1k though df?

So it takes longer to kill him.

Turn 1 active

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I like this for the taunt. Disarm enemy toons first turn.

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Disarm weapon?. Granted while not an art I took a up what may be annoying on de f esp w bonus hp and lead

They’re interchangeable, with Indomitable making him a tank while Berserker making him an attacker. Considering his rush also lowers their ATK by 50% with taunt, Berserker would be better suited because it buffs him up without making him lose a lot of health.


taunt from turn 1 on will build berserk up, making him slowly start killing. with revives this could be a tricky setup if done correct

Most defenses have a shield so the taunt won’t help his Beserk if he sits behind a shield.

And to me the Beserk is a waste because his attack is so low it only brings him back up to a level that he may kill someone. Maybe

Is weapon can be disarmed lol.


wont matter, force 3 turn 1 to attk possibly a stun ajax and it will be a pain(especially considering you will not be able to disarm 1st), not to mention ap drained from jesus or impair on mags. if used with shield andrea which is also a taunt toon, i see a real ass pain, especially if andrea has dmg ap and hp mods. alot of taunting

I think it’s a mistake to introduce turn one actives, takes us down a completely new rabbit hole of possibilities


I always disarm the shield to start, so no issue. Ur also kinda forced to attack the shield turn 2 anyway.


He isn’t the first turn 1 active


Welp… guess he’s #2 then didnt see league store tara, still think it a mistake